Election showdown: CES vs. SDL

Supporters of Team CES and Team SDL square off over which team is best for the AMS

Vanessa Locicero, ArtSci ’11
Vanessa Locicero, ArtSci ’11
Cory Giordano, ArtSci ’11
Cory Giordano, ArtSci ’11

Team CES

When deciding who to vote for on election day, there are many things voters take into consideration. These include the relevance of their platforms, the follow-through of campaign promises and, of course, the candidates themselves. Too often, voters are sceptical about how much their vote is worth, constantly being confronted with talk about the value of casting one.

In order to reassure them that their votes count—rather than that they’re simply being counted—they require a deep affinity for the content they’re affirming.

I’m here to tell you that Morgan Campbell, Ashley Eagan and Kieran Slobodin will make it worthwhile to cast your ballot in support of Team CES.

Team CES is running on a dynamic of phenomenal teamwork, leadership and accountability. Morgan, Ashley and Kieran are not only committed to making the AMS work for students, they have the dedication and experience necessary to make significant changes in our AMS.

The remarkable work ethic of the candidates has already proven instrumental in the development of a platform that has real substance and plans for change.

Morgan, Ashley and Kieran are some of the most approachable and personable people I’ve met at this university, and their dedication to making the AMS an accessible, positive and welcoming environment for all students is unprecedented.

Collectively, the candidates of Team CES have over 10 years of experience in the AMS, building strong relationships and working with the administration to manage and review the financial operations, academic affairs, storefront services and other aspects of our student government.

Being an informed voter means being critical of the platforms of the candidates on the ballot. Team CES wants you to ask them how they plan on following through on their platform points, because they will tell you exactly how.

If you’re wondering how they plan on implementing a grocery store—with fresh fruit, vegetables, a deli and a delivery component—in the Queen’s Centre, just ask. If you’re wondering how the renovation of Macgillivray Brown Hall will affect your club, team or performance, just ask.

Team CES plans to get out of the JDUC and connect with students by streamlining the internal bureaucracy of the AMS in order to help students communicate more effectively with their student government.

Communication and collaboration between the AMS and students should be inherent in any team’s understanding of the role of the AMS. Team CES has been collaborating with students and the administration in the development of their platform for several months. In so doing, they’ve been able to develop not simply ideas, but strategies to benefit students effectively.

If you want to make a difference at Queen’s, the opportunity is yours. You have the choice between two significantly different teams this year. Be critical this election, make an informed decision because your vote will make a difference. Check out voteces.com for our platform and more information on Team CES.

Make your vote worth it by voting YES to CES on Feb. 1 and 2.

Vanessa Locicero is campaign co-manager of Team CES.

Team SDL

It’s a task that often goes unacknowledged and almost certainly involves a lot of work, but the leadership of the Alma Mater Society is both a job worthy of occupation and a challenge to which all Queen’s students should aspire. That’s right; every Queen’s student ought to believe in their capacity to govern, to participate and to be considered in the decisions of this university.

What’s more, if you haven’t been completely preoccupied these last few days—or otherwise living under a large, snow covered stone—you would have certainly noticed that there is a vibrant trio of Queen’s students who share a dynamic vision of this University’s potential for unity and challenge the commonplace understanding of what the AMS can deliver. I’m writing, of course, about Team SDL.

Why should you care to support Team SDL? The answer is simple: as much as this may sound like a worn-out cliché, it’s because Team SDL cares about you!

To borrow (and slightly modify) a phrase from Willy Wonka, it’s all there in the platform, black and white, clear as crystal—Team SDL is truly committed to bringing your experience and accomplishments into the fold of the AMS and to ensuring that you are supported in all your endeavours at Queen’s.

They call it the “South of Union strategy,” but to me, it’s precisely the kind of grassroots project Queen’s has been waiting for. After all, that should be the function of an Alma Mater Society—the Latin literally translates to “nourishing mother.”

A lesser group would have you believe that the task is too great, that it would be too much trouble or require too many resources for AMS executives to become a visible presence on campus, attending community gatherings, club events and bringing the spotlight to your concerns. But I ask, what could be simpler, or more befitting a committed representative of the AMS?

I’ve listened very carefully to the commentary surrounding this election, attended all three debates and even glanced at the tweets—as petty and meaningless as they often are. I’ve heard the other team coldly acknowledge the apathy of Queen’s students as though it were a plain and simple fact, an unfortunate truth that perhaps, with a bit of tinkering online, a website may remedy.

This group is simply out of touch with the reality of Queen’s student support for the AMS. What students want is an active AMS, a visible AMS; one that does not retreat to the confines of the lower JDUC when it should be out on the street with students.

The South of Union strategy is the tie that binds Team SDL’s platform together with the future of this university, it is indicative of their honest commitment to the future of Queen’s and something every student should be talking about. Why? Because the AMS is not about the office and your name on a desk, it’s about building something together.

Cory Giordano is a campaign volunteer for Team SDL.

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