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Team LoKK for CESA excutives seek a vote of confidence and hope to implement a more inclusive atmosphere

Kimberly Howald, ConEd ‘12 (left), Alex Love, ConEd ‘12 (centre) and Katie Wilson, ConEd ‘12 (right), say that building on inter-faculty relations is a priority.
Kimberly Howald, ConEd ‘12 (left), Alex Love, ConEd ‘12 (centre) and Katie Wilson, ConEd ‘12 (right), say that building on inter-faculty relations is a priority.

This year’s Concurrent Education Students Association (CESA) executive candidates said that the key to success for their faculty society is inclusivity. The executive race is uncontested, which means that students will have to cast a vote of confidence for team LoKK.

The team is made up of presidential candidate Alex Love, ConEd ’12, vice-president (external) candidate Katie Wilson, ConEd ’12 and vice-president (internal) candidate Kimberly Howald, ConEd ’12.

Love, who is the current academic affairs commissioner for CESA council said that the team’s platform focuses on three important aspects; professionalism, awareness and communication. He said it was inspired by the CESA Mission Statement. Love said the team also plans to look outside of the Society.

“We’d really like to work with other faculties,” he said, emphasizing their plans to create more inter-faculty events.

Love said he wants to create interactive ways to engage students about the on goings of the ConEd council. “We hope to be working with the education class professor and use the beginning of the classes to inform students,” he said. Another option would be to provide the professor with an information slide to display in lecture.

“We’d also like to ensure that any positions that are elected at the very beginning of year are carried through with what they originally promise in their platforms,” he said. Love said that this process can be conducted through periodic online surveys sent out to concurrent education students.

The candidates started working together last semester after being involved with various components of the society.

“The three of us really have come together and we really want to work towards making CESA more inclusive of all the students it represents. I think our diversity can really help us, we’d love the student’s vote of confidence.” Wilson, who was an academic Teach on this year’s Frosh Week executive committee said that the team plans to amalgamate the duties of the Equity Representative of CESA with the position of the External Affairs Commissioner’s position.

This position will include attending equity caucus meetings and ensuring ConEd events are equitable and oppression-free. Wilson said the team also hopes to create an events planning manual.

“In terms of the professional aspect of our platform, we want to create an events planning manual that kind of allows people to know how to plan an event, how they can figure out money handling for larger events and the resources which they can use,” she said.

Howald said the team wants to emphasize the importance of the Queen’s and Kingston communities.

“We want to increase awareness about Queen’s and Kingston communities,” she said, adding that this includes working with other faculties on initiatives such as Tree of Life, which is an event that ConEd collaborates on with physical education and kinesiology. each year.

Howald said the team plans to add to these initiatives by creating more workshops and fundraisers.

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