Losing sheen

There is so much happening in the world right now, notably the historic revolutions which have been sweeping Northern Africa for months.

But there is one mind-boggling, continually evolving and arguably also historic event that has entirely consumed the attention of the general public.

What is going on in the mind of Charlie Sheen?

Here is a classic example of a celebrity meltdown, and it’s of epic proportions.

I attribute Charlie’s ridiculousness to three possible motives. One: he naturally defies social conventions and graces and is now under some misguided perception that his personality is completely acceptable to share with the world. Two: he willfully seeks worldwide media attention (which has disturbingly yet predictably obliged him) by aiming to defy said social conventions and graces in the most outlandish, bizarre and just nonsensical way possible. Three: he has a mental illness. If the answer is number three, Charlie’s antics make me wonder if it’s ethical for us to find amusement in what many consider to be clear signs of serious psychiatric issues, instead of encouraging him to seek professional help.

We are all bearing witness to a now-fallen star publicly losing both his sanity and dignity, and all we can do is laugh at his clear descent into madness? I don’t want to discuss my interpretations of Sheen’s bizarre, coded ramblings—I think its safe to say at this point that fire breathing fists, goddesses, tiger blood, winning, etc. are all beyond my and the general public’s comprehension. Yet despite my inability to understand him, I remain intrigued.

He claims it’s not an act. He has somehow managed to (shockingly) pass drug tests. So what provokes these tiger blood musings and goddess-praising rants? I will not worship the fallen or bow down to anyone having a meltdown, and neither should anyone else. However, the media’s incessant coverage and the unquenchable interest of the public have clearly proven that we are both unable and unwilling to look away.

His tirades are endlessly fascinating because they are so mystifying, and as society we collectively struggle in our attempts to decipher the meaning or motivation behind them.

I guess this is all pretty harmless, but it’s important to remember that just because somebody is publicized does not mean they should be idolized—no matter how endlessly fascinating they may be.

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