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Trio beekeeper prepares for the release of their second album

Devon Lougheed says beekeeper’s name came from an uncle who said “Call it anything, call it beekeeper.”
Devon Lougheed says beekeeper’s name came from an uncle who said “Call it anything, call it beekeeper.”

Vancouver trio beekeeper said the process of releasing their debut album, Be Kept, was much like giving birth.

“It really was like a first time,” guitarist Devon Lougheed said. “We read all the books on parenting, we went through a really intense labour, we were all holding hands.”

I told them raising children was like making pancakes, you screw up the first one and improve with the second.

“Hey, that’s my first child you’re talking about,” Lougheed said with a laugh.

For their second album, the band is releasing a seven-inch in April, with an A-side called Take Me Back (To The Place) and a B-side called Bad Advice. The band said they felt more confidence in creating a second album.

“We were less worried about it and more excited about the product,” Lougheed said. “We love them both so much for totally different reasons.”

Lougheed said inspiration for the band’s music comes from ignoring boundaries.

“My biggest inspiration is the opportunity to break all the rules of pop, the challenge to make really great songs for dancing and singing along to,” he said.

“I’m inspired by controlled chaos, I think of it like being on a roller coaster.”

Lougheed and fellow bandmate Luke Cyca are cousins who have been making music together in family bands since childhood. But the pair felt they were missing something and added singer Brandi Sidoryk to the hive.

“We were like two dads and needed a mom,” Lougheed said. “We managed to find our dream mom in Brandi, making me officially the third hottest person in the band.”

Beekeeper has become known for their live show antics, which often end with the entire audience dancing on stage with the band.

The band was elusive about what fans should expect for their Kingston show.

“I don’t want to say ‘Expect the unexpected.’ That’s cheesy,” Lougheed said. “We recruit audience members to help us kind of create the night. By the end of our best shows, it feels like the audience is grooving along with us. It’s a big family thing.”

New pranks aren’t the only goals beekeeper has for 2012.

“I would like to become the second best looking person in the band,” Lougheed said.

Beekeeper play the Mansion tomorrow night at 9 p.m. with James and Blackburn and Hue.

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