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Young Rival plans the launch of their sophomore album, featuring a lighter sound

Young Rival have toured with the Sheepdogs and Tokyo Police Club. But drummer Noah Fralick says the one that sticks out most is their first major tour with the Sadies.
Young Rival have toured with the Sheepdogs and Tokyo Police Club. But drummer Noah Fralick says the one that sticks out most is their first major tour with the Sadies.

Young Rival will be counting heads in the audience at the Grad Club tonight.

The rock trio says attendance at shows is crucial to their self-esteem.

“What I love about touring is it’s the best way to get a sense of how well the band is doing,” said drummer Noah Fralick. “You could sell a lot of records, but if you’re not connecting with people and they’re not coming to shows, or you don’t feel that chemistry.”

The band is touring Canada ahead of the release of their untitled sophomore album, which they recorded in August.

“We’re just in the midst of sorting out when it’s going to come out exactly, but it’s maybe not going to be until the fall,” he said. “We’re really hoping it will be a bit before.

“But we’re definitely going to up until then release like one or two singles in advance of the release.”

Fralick, vocalist Aron D’Alesio and bassist John Smith worked with producer Jon Drew on Young Rival’s 2010 self-titled debut, as well as their upcoming album. Drew has produced albums for Fucked Up, Arkells and Tokyo Police Club.

“On this next record, we more so explored that lighter, more melodic sound,” Fralick said. “But at the same side we’re a rock and roll band at heart.”

The band recorded the album in Toronto over 10 days. Fralick said they went into the studio with a clear plan of action.

“We’ve never been a band who go into a studio without songs,” he said. “We always have everything totally tight and ready to go.”

Of course, Fralick acknowledges that sometimes creativity comes out in the studio.

“I mean when you’re in the studio, you go in hoping for one thing, but you know sometimes certain sounds will come out that you didn’t expect to come out,” he said. “You’re always sort of adapting to the way that the sounds are actually coming out when we start recording.”

While they sort out the release date for their new album, Young Rival is quite content with touring.

“We play music every night, new city, new stage, new audience and at times it’s a bit monotonous, it’s sort of like drive, play, sleep, repeat,” he said. “Touring Canada is difficult because there’s so much space between cities, but ultimately it’s a lot of fun. That’s what makes it hard to give up.”

Young Rival play the Grad Club with Dinosaur Bones tonight. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show starts at 10 p.m.

Kingston Travel Guide

On their official website, Young Rival keeps an Indie Travel Guide, listing their favourite spots in each city they visit. We asked Queen’s alum Noah Fralick, ArtSci ’06, to give us his picks for Kingston.

Best place to grab a coffee?
I’m going to say Common Ground. Their French roast is one of my favourite coffees. Whenever I go through Kingston, I always make a point of stopping there. I absolutely love the Common Ground coffee. But I find the new student centre really weird, because when I was there it was in the JDUC. It’s like a shopping mall.

Things to check out?

The great architecture and the waterfront.

Best dinner option?

Pan Chancho. I’m a bread fanatic and they make some of the best bread I’ve ever had in my life.

Go-to bar?

I run the risk of sounding really out of touch, because I don’t know what’s cool for all you guys. When I was there, the Brass was always a really great spot because it was one of the few bars you could go to where the DJ was playing some songs that I really dug.

Alfie’s on a Friday, I don’t know if that’s cool, but that was always actually one of my funnest nights of the week.

Best greasy breakfast?


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