Too little, too late


Kingston’s new garbage bag policy is helping to move the City in a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious direction, but without adequate student consultation, the bylaw lacks crucial concessions to accommodate students.

The City’s aim to reduce waste is an honourable one, but for those who live with a large number of people, namely students, the bylaw can be impractical.

The timing of the decision is also highly inconvenient for students, with most out of Kingston for the summer and unable to adequately share their opinions on the switch.

However, city councillors alone can’t be blamed for the lack of student consultation or awareness on the issue.

While the AMS put out a press release voicing its disapproval of the bylaw, it did so only after the proposal had been passed through Council. Although the third reading for the bylaw has yet to happen, the AMS should have taken a more proactive role earlier on to prevent the bylaw from coming this far.

The AMS should have advertised this new policy proposal to students at its conception. It also should have argued more vehemently for the consideration of high-density housing that is particular to students in meetings with city councillors.

Because these measures weren’t taken, it’s up to the AMS to do damage control and prevent the bylaw from passing at its final reading.

Students will undoubtedly be upset when they suddenly find out upon their return that they can only use one garbage bag, especially if they have to share it with six other housemates.

With a reduced limit on garbage, some may take more drastic and environmentally harmful measures to dispose of their excess waste.

While the bylaw may positively influence students to develop more sustainable habits, some will simply be unable to abide by it due to their living situation.

Now that the bylaw has come this far, it’s the responsibility of the student government to take action and come up with a solution for students.


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