Shotgun sound

Toronto quartet The Wooden Sky hit the Grad Club tonight

The Wooden Sky frontman Gavin Gardiner first got started writing music when he was studying at Ryerson University in Toronto.
The Wooden Sky frontman Gavin Gardiner first got started writing music when he was studying at Ryerson University in Toronto.

The last thing a rock band wants is to sound like a soundtrack to a Disney film.

The Wooden Sky frontman Gavin Gardiner said when the band goes into the studio to record, they play the music first and think about it later.

“Sometimes you think, ‘Hey, this feels a little too Walt Disney-ey with all those overdubs,’ so you take it back a bit and work on it more,” he said.

Lead singer and guitarist Gardiner is on tour with his band and their latest album Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun.

The band recently played a show in Toronto and next up, they’ll be heading to a farm in Quebec to record their upcoming album.

“The beauty and intensity I suppose is that you can [record] anywhere and it’s not dependent on the space. It just needs to be completely professional and isolated — it’s really liberating to be able to create anywhere.”

That kind of impromptu decision making doesn’t always work out for the best though, Gardiner said.

“It can be a little dangerous because you can end up recording a lot of different parts. We took a bit of a shotgun approach, recording different stuff and putting it together.” Gardiner first got started with music after he wrote songs for his writing program at Ryerson University in 2007.

“I got started playing guitar, but really I fell in love with early rock and roll when I was really young … it all seemed very romantic,” he said.

He’s not sure if all that rock and roll has infiltrated the music he makes with his band currently.

“I don’t know if it’s a direct influence on my songwriting right now, but the great thing about being a musician and a music lover is that I can listen to all kinds of different new music and let it influence my style,” he said.

“I go through phases and just listen to a lot of, I don’t know, Tom Petty or someone else — there’s so much out there, you know?”

The Wooden Sky is known for their gruff vocals and unique brand of country folk sound, but Gardiner said describing the band’s sound depends on the terms.

“Personally, if we’re using words to describe it, I’d describe it with ‘colour.’ It sounds like synesthesia come to life.”

The Wooden Sky plays the Grad Club tonight at 9 p.m.

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