Think critically


Paranoid conspiracy theorists have no place in the American gun rights debate.

Since the Sandy Hook shootings on Dec. 14, conspiracy theories have become more popular thanks to podcast hosts promoting unrealistic and unsubstantiated claims.

Specifically, many of these conspiracy theorists view Sandy Hook as an operation by Barack Obama to increase gun control and instill tyranny.

For example, a popular YouTube video, Sandy Hook. FULLY EXPOSED. 30 mins, posted by ONEINDACHAMBER187, aims to prove with at best coincidental evidence that there was a second shooter and that the Sandy Hook mourners were in fact actors hired by the state.

What’s most ridiculous is the following that these theories have amassed.

Conspiracy theorist and podcast host Alex Jones — who has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube — appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. When Morgan proposed America ban military semi-automatic weapons, Jones threatened an American Revolution-style rebellion.

Pro-gun viewers supported Jones’ farfetched views. In fact, theorists who support this conspiracy have travelled to Sandy Hook to harass citizens like Glen Rosen, one of the mourners at Sandy Hook.

It seems society has lost its ability to think critically, as we seem to accept whatever evidence supports our existing beliefs at face value.

America has a firearms issue, and the need for regulation is debatable. However, blindly accusing shooting victims of controlling society through gun regulation is revolting.

Alex Jones shouldn’t be the poster boy for American gun rights — a more intelligent and critical debate is needed. Alex is the Assistant Arts Editor at the Journal.


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