Darts & Laurels 2012-2013



Team BP’s handling of Peter Green’s resignation: Berkok and Pritchard’s lack of transparency in explaining the resignation was disrespectful and unwarranted. Nicola Plummer’s nomination and then election by AMS Assembly instead of by the student body was further proof of their lack of commitment to placing student voices first.

ASUS Assembly’s handling of Alexander Prescott’s rape comment: There’s no doubt that Prescott’s victim-blaming Facebook comment was inappropriate. Even though he didn’t apologize for it, the fact that he was targeted by students at ASUS assembly so viciously was not justifiable.

The University’s handling of Professor Mike Mason’s resignation: Even after the CAUT report condemned them for their actions, the University still failed to step up and explain why Mason resigned, demonstrating their unwillingness to be honest for the sake of saving face.

New graduate school time restrictions: The new restrictions for Masters and PhD students are too strict and were decided on without adequate consultation of the very students who are going to be affected by them.

Queen’s Athletics challenging CrossFit: CrossFit belongs at Queen’s. Athletics and Recreation need to put their interests aside and form a more constructive dialogue with those running the activity.

CFRC Business manager firing and rehiring: The AMS Board of Directors decision to fire Ayanda Mngoma came without consultation with CFRC staff and ultimately caused more harm than good for the station. Mngoma’s rehiring a month later was warranted, but the whole debacle should be deeply embarrassing for the Board of Directors.

Closing of Empire Theatre: The closing of the Empire Movie Theatre downtown leaves students with few options. Students will now have to drive or bus out to the new theatre, which is far less accessible. While the Screening Room offers movies downtown, it doesn’t satisfy a mainstream audience in the same way.

The hidden camera found in Victoria Hall: The act in and of itself is disgusting, but the University and Kingston Police could have been more transparent about the issue and the status of the case as it stands.

Queen’s Tartan hiring and accountability: By hiring the current ASUS President as next year’s Editor in Chief, the online publication demonstrates explicit conflicts of interest.

Vote counting mix up: The delay in AMS election results being released was a direct result of an oversight made by Chief Electoral Officer Scott Mason. He didn’t adequately transition his replacement when he took a leave to run in the ASUS election, which lead to an easily avoidable delay in release.


Homecoming’s return: The administration’s decision to allow for Homecoming’s official return is applaudable. Hopefully, alumni and students will come together for a peaceful, respectful and spirited Homecoming this fall.

Discussion on campus rape culture: The increased discussion surrounding rape culture throughout the student body is a positive turn on campus. Through groups such as UEmpowered Queen’s, the focus is shifting onto empowering victims.

Fine Arts being reinstated: The reopening of BFA admissions for next year is important for the maintenance of the program at Queen’s. It’s good to see that Queen’s listened to student voices and committed to bringing the program back.

Removal of bad behavior clause: The removal of a bad behavior clause in a PSYC 300 class by the department of psychology was fair. Basing 10 per cent of a grade on behavior leaves too much room for interpretation and could discourage students from being openly critical of a class.

Men’s rugby championship: Queen’s OUA men’s rugby championship is worth celebrating. The Gaels gained redemption after an early-season loss to Western, topping the Mustangs 29-18 in the league final at Nixon Field.

New food outlets on campus: The new food outlets on campus, such as Pita Pit, Starbucks and another Tim Hortons in the JDUC, enrich student eating options on campus. The greater variety both adds to the community and creates more convenient food options for students.

Non-Academic Discipline system: The AMS’ struggle to gain greater control over the Non-Academic Discipline system at Queen’s puts power back in student hands. It’s another positive sign of AMS commitment to student autonomy.

Quidditch on campus: Seeing increased support for a non-traditional sport such as Quidditch brings a positive and fun atmosphere to the university. It was great to see schools from across the country unite at Queen’s in November for the Canadian Quidditch Cup.

Comments on the Journal website: It’s great to see that our readership is engaging critically with the material we publish through our comment boards. Especially with the most contentious issues we reported on this year, students shared their perspectives with the rest of the community.

The Wolfe Island Music Festival: There was a great turnout at this year’s festival, despite the torrential rain and all. Sam Roberts made for a great headliner and the musicians came out in style to entertain all.

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