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Team JDL looks back at their year in office

Starting from the left, Tristan Lee, Vice President (Operations), Arts’ 13, Mira Dineen, Vice President of University Affairs, Arts’12 , and President Doug Johnson, Arts’12.
Starting from the left, Tristan Lee, Vice President (Operations), Arts’ 13, Mira Dineen, Vice President of University Affairs, Arts’12 , and President Doug Johnson, Arts’12.

With only 26 days left in office, AMS executive JDL hopes students have seen their year as a memorable one.

The team, made up of President Doug Johnson, Vice-President of University Affairs Mira Dineen and Vice-President of Operations Tristan Lee won last year’s election with 60 per cent of votes in the first round of preferential voting.

The team cited Assembly’s changing of the fraternity and sorority policy and the AMS’s success in regaining control of the Non-Academic Discipline system as major successes.

They also helped launch the QSecure App, which allows students to have access to campus security on their smartphone.

“The best moments, I would say, are when you see people working together as a collective youth that have such passion and turn that into authority,” Lee, ArtSci ’12, said of JDL’s term in office.

The year wasn’t without its slipups. One of the team’s biggest challenges this year was dealing with the negative attitude the student government community had. The team agreed that it wasn’t one specific faculty or one certain incident; it was the lack in respect that they noticed.

“Some of the discussions we have had have not been kind or respectful,” Dineen, ArtSci ’11, said. “We can do so much when we are respectful. I hope [the incoming executives] have a year where they can build, create and move forward.”

Johnson said he believes there was a turning point for the student government meetings like AMS assembly.

“We ended 2012 on a rough note: the meetings were long, debates were going in circles, but over the break, there was a new burst of energy and the debate was constructive,” Johnson, ArtSci ’12 said.

Team JDL is succeeded by team BPP, comprised of Eril Berkok as president, TK Pritchard as vice-president of university affairs and Nicola Plummer as vice-president of operations. They will take office on May 1.

“Hopefully the students will look at our year as successful,“ Johnson said. “I hope that they have had just as much fun.”

Net profit projections

As the school year comes to an end, the AMS executive are looking at budget projections.

“At February month-end, it is not easy to determine where we will end the year financially,” Tristan Lee, vice-president of operations, told the Journal via email.

“In reality, we will not have final numbers from the 2012/2013 year until part way through the summer.”

Lee said “because this income statement is only a snapshot of the end of February, those lines will not be the best indicators of year-end performance.

“There are many events run throughout the Commissions in the last 3 months of the fiscal year, and many of those expenses won’t show up in our statements until April,” he added.

“Similarly, you’ll see that the Services overall performance is below our projections at the February month-end point.”

TAPS, CoGro, Tricolour Outlet and the Journal are all expected to perform under budget.

Until the year-end is out, here is the February 10-months-end:


TriColour Outlet: $63,814

Student Life Centre: $36,948

Publishing and Copy Centre: $33,166

Walkhome: $11,793


CFRC: $23,166

Common Ground: $45,151

Queen’s Journal : $6,132

Queen’s Student Constables: $7,281

Queen’s TV: $20,026

The AMS Pub Services : $66,952

TriColour Publication Services: $18,527

Platform promise checklist

√ Blue light app
√ More water fountains
√ Re-open the PEC
X QCollege extra curricular classes
X More space for HCDS
X CommonGround salad bar
X Dietary restrictions guide
Sustainable culture on
campus (in progress)
JDUC revitalization
(in progress)

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