Hause aims for grace & dignity

David Hause is enjoying headliner status with his second solo album, Devour

The only difference between playing solo and in a band is in the weight of the gear, according to Dave Hause.

The Philadelphia-born rocker is currently on tour supporting Devour, his second solo album. He said the idea behind his solo shows remains the same as when he was playing with his previous band, The Loved Ones, or as a featured artist on Chuck Ragan’s Revival Tour.

“You’re just trying to bring songs to people in a compelling way,” Hause said. “It’s the same idea, just different logistics.”

His current tour is a 10-week trip through North America, one that the musician called a “marathon.”

His main goal on tour is focusing on the show. Hause said one of the major things about having only a few days off over the course of a long tour is keeping healthy and avoiding danger, especially when travelling from show to show.

“I think if you keep the show as your focal point and the most important part of your day is that work,” he said, “then you know you can do it with grace and dignity and hopefully put on a compelling performance.”

Those compelling performances played a role in building up Hause’s fan base early in his solo career when he was supporting bands like the Gaslight Anthem, Social Distortion or the Bouncing Souls. Now, playing as the headliner, the intention of the show is different.

“When you’re supporting a bigger band like that, the idea is trying to get as many people on board before you’re done,” he said. “Whereas with headlining, they’ve already kind of committed to the night, they know what to expect.”

Hause added that playing a longer show with more songs is an added benefit of headlining. He also said being the headliner requires a different skill set.

“You’re really getting to play to your audience, whereas supporting, you’re trying to convert people, make them into your audience,” he said.

Hause doesn’t have a favourite song to play live, though he said when a song is played well it makes the experience better.

“Those songs, you put the work in and record them, and you’re excited about them and proud of them and hopefully each night they all get their little chance to shine,” he said.

“If you get one right, it’s a little more fun and if you fuck one up that becomes a little less fun.”

In a similar way, there isn’t a song off of Devour that stands out to him, as Hause said he was proud of the album as a whole. Devour is a departure of sorts from his first solo release Resolutions, with less acoustic guitar and more of a traditional rock sound.

Tonight’s show won’t be Hause’s first performance in Kingston, as he’s played in town solo a few times before, as well as with Chuck Ragan.

That said, he’s going into the performance with no real expectations.

“I hope there are people coming out to the show, and if there aren’t we’re going to play it anyway,” he said.

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