Classic hunt for grail still holds wine

QMT’s production of Spamalot brings the wit and humour the Monty Python dynasty is known for

Musical numbers draw from several different Python works.
Musical numbers draw from several different Python works.

Are you feeling in the dumps from the crushing load of upcoming exams? Spoil yourself with a hilarious musical treat and go see QMT’s rendition of Spamalot, which will surely help you look on the bright side of life. This upbeat musical, set against the backdrop of medieval Britain, opens tonight at Theological Hall. The production is “lovingly ripped off” from the extremely successful 70s film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, according to the play’s description. It follows King Arthur and his knights of the round table in their comical quest to find the grail of Biblical lore, as they always manage to sing and dance their way in and out of trouble.

With limited resources at their disposal, director Fiona Douglas, ArtSci ’14, and producer Antony Discenza, Comm ’14, were able to pull together a formidable cast and crew which makes for a spectacular show for all of the senses.

King Arthur, played by Jeff Adams, ArtSci ’14, commanded the stage with his booming voice and straightforward delivery. Subtle glimpses of comedic gapes capped off a strong performance for Adams. His “horse” Patsy, played by Erica Hill, ArtSci ’16, also gave a commendable performance as the beloved coconut-wielding character from the movie. The knights of the round table, which consisted of Ryan Cowl, ConEd ’16, as Sir Robin, local high school student Will Gouett as Sir Lancelot , Sebastien Darcel-Sinclair, ArtSci ’14, as Sir Galahad, and Eric Lazure, ArtSci ’16, as Sir Bedevere were a comedic super team that were a pleasure to watch. Excellent acting lead the way for this group, with all members twisting our funny bones with each entertaining joke made. Nowhere was this more evident than in the song “Knights of the Round Table,” when the cast showed us their singing prowess.

A special shout-out goes to Gouett for an especially strong performance as Sir Lancelot but also for giving the best rendition of Tim the Sorcerer that I have ever seen.

As good as the performances from the main characters were, unfortunately they were all just playing for second.

The Lady of the Lake, played by Alysha Natalie, ArtSci ’15, stole the show with her angelic voice and brilliant acting.

On multiple occasions during the play she stepped into the crowd to deliver her lines, which added an interactive dimension to her performance.

The songs “Find your Grail” and “Whatever Happened to my Part?” in particular were stirring performances where Natalie got to show off her incredible range. The ensemble added creative dance moves, playing every role from “Laker Girls” to French guards who taunt Arthur’s knights, to “The Knights who say Ni”. They are lead by the fantastic choreographer Rebecca Hall, ArtSci ’14. Musical director Jaclyn Stephenson, ArtSci ’14, guided a solid performance for the orchestra which added range and depth to the musical numbers.

The talent of QMT’s Spamalot is top-notch and the entire cast will surely help you “find your grail”... if your grail is a good laugh.

QMT’s Spamalot plays from April 3-13 at Theological Hall.

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