Letter to the editor — May 27

Hudak will hurt affordable education for students

When I first decided to pursue my degree at Queen’s University, I knew it would be an expensive endeavor. But, I also knew that I could trust the government to guarantee my four years were both affordable and high-quality. That’s why this election, I’m paying attention to the party that cares most about my education.

The Ontario Liberals are the only provincial party who have demonstrated year-after-year commitment to university and college students, particularly through the creation of the 30 percent off tuition grant. This investment made university and college tuition more affordable for low- and middle-class families.

That’s why I was so alarmed when I heard that Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is promising to cancel the grant if he becomes Premier.

I would expect Mr. Hudak to be focusing on ways to make sure students have more access to a postsecondary education, not less. Moreover, Mr. Hudak’s PC’s will tie financial assistance to individual university and college marks — a terrible policy idea that introduces perverse incentives to student success.

What’s just as bad is that Andrea Horwath’s NDP has no plan for postsecondary education. While investments in college and university have proven to promote a fairer, more equitable society, the NDP have essentially ignored postsecondary education throughout the past decade.

Students expect provincial leadership and commitment — only the Ontario Liberal Party has proven to care about students’ futures, and building an accessible and affordable postsecondary education system.

The Ontario Liberals are the only party that can be trusted to preserve and expand our postsecondary education system, so that any student is guaranteed an affordable and high-quality education. Everything that’s been done for students so far Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath will put at risk.

Olivia Pineau,


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