Shake up your shake

There are plenty of ways to get creative with a smoothie.
There are plenty of ways to get creative with a smoothie.

Have a busy morning ahead? Forget about the coffee and doughnuts (well, maybe not the coffee) and instead try the filling, but healthier option of a smoothie.

Smoothies are a thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yogurt or ice cream. While this combination often creates delicious concoctions to get you through the day, you may find yourself in a rut if you make the same smoothie every morning. Here are some tips and tricks to shake up your smoothie recipes.

Experiment with different fruit

An easy fix to a boring shake is as simple as swapping your go-to-fruits for other types. Instead of the classic President’s Choice blueberry and banana mix, try buying a frozen fruit pack that you haven’t tried before, such as mango or mixed power fruits. Chances are if you like the au natural solid version, chances are you’ll enjoy it in a liquid form as well.

Add vegetables into the mix

Don’t just stop with adding different fruits; try adding vegetables such as spinach or kale into the smoothie. Adding fruit and vegetables to your smoothie is a great way to get your recommended serving of greens. Plus, the taste of the veggies isn’t even noticeable as the fruits easily overpower it.

Include protein products

While the fruit in the smoothie doesn’t necessarily have a lot of protein, yogurt or milk can add a boost that will fill you up for the morning or as a snack. If you want more of a protein power-up, I would recommend adding egg whites — a high protein food. If egg whites aren’t your thing, other proteins such as seeds and nuts will do the trick. Chai, flax and hemp seeds are all great sources of protein to add to the mix.

The smoothie bowl

One of the more recent developments circulating online is the smoothie bowl. If you’re looking to drastically change your smoothie game, this one’s for you.  Smoothie bowls have a thicker consistency than regular smoothies, so you eat them with a spoon and top them off with granola, as a twist on plain cereal. 

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