Men's fashion: casual cool

Queen's student, Joel Foss, rocking a bomber jacket.

When it comes to men’s fashion, comfort is key. Perhaps it’s because men have to safely stow their man parts, and sweatpants does the job. 

Sweatpants, hoodies, graphic tees and hats are go-to outfits for most guys. While this look provides maximum comfort, it can often be unattractive and sometimes appear discheveled. 

I’m not proposing to swap sweats for chinos or a baggy sweatshirt for a Ralph Lauren polo, but rather to opt for more appropriate clothing that encapsulates comfort and style. 

Thankfully, contemporary fashion has got men covered, with skinny sweats, cool tees and slick sneakers. 

To follow are staple pieces every man should incorporate into his wardrobe to achieve an effortless, comfortable and stylish look.  

Fresh kicks 

Swapping old raggedy shoes for some fresh kicks can instantly transform a man’s look from zero to hero. Opt for runners, like Adidas or Nike, to maximize comfort and style. 

During colder months, a cool pair of Blundstones will keep your feet fashionable and warm. 


Who said socks had to be boring? Swap old white socks for some funky patterned ones. You can choose from a variety of socks at Topman and Urban Outfitters. Don’t be afraid to push the boundary and get a little wild when it comes to footwear. Funky socks add the perfect amount of style and class to your footwear game. 

Skinny joggers

Every man should own a pair of skinny joggers. Not only are they agreeable for man parts, but they’re fashion forward. You can enjoy the sweatpants material and baggy crotch, while harnessing a sophisticated look. 

Shop Adidas, Topman and Abercrombie for a variety of slim and sexy joggers. 


Whether you’re sporting chest hair or a couple of strays, V-necks are a must-have. By showing a little skin, V-necks add a hint of maturity to any outfit. You can pair these plain tees with skinny joggers or jeans and cool kicks to complete the look.  Hanes and American Apparel offer a variety of classic, clean tees for cheap. 

Caps and toques   

Baseball caps or fitted hats can add the perfect amount of style to any man’s look. Caps also have the added benefit of hiding greasy, bad hair, so you can go about your day looking fresh to death. No one has to know. Opt for nice, clean cut caps that aren’t old or beat-up.  

For the winter months, toques are all the rage for their comfort and style. 

Bomber jacket   

During chilly days a cool bomber jacket will keep you snug and chic. Bombers are easy to throw on over any outfit and they complete a look. Opt for neutral-coloured jackets, like black, gray or an army green, which can be matched with most articles of clothing.  

Shop for bombers at Zara, Topman and H&M. 

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