Lifestyle: Year in Review 2015-16

Looking back at our most memorable stories from Volume 143

Lifestyle serves up the latest in food, travel, sex and student life.

Black History Month special feature

"Added to our history books will be the Mizzou racist incidents, the Black Lives Matter movement and children like Tamir Rice who lost their lives ... I need Black History Month to tie together my past, present and future."

Grandfather & granddaughter reunite for Homecoming

"Sixty-six years following his graduation from Queen’s, John Greenberg, Sci ’49, rejoined his family and friends for a Homecoming to remember. 

Originally from Ottawa, Greenberg came to Queen’s to study mechanical engineering. When he arrived, computers were in their infancy and the modern ballpoint pen had just become widespread."

Coast to coast: the last father-son road trip

"My relationship with my father had always been turbulent, to say the least. A classic case of being too similar at heart is how my mom always put it. I suppose mirror images never do quite see eye to eye. 

However, I was turning 21 and preparing to move on with my life. We knew we’d see less and less of each other over the years, and we realized that this might be our last chance. With that in mind, I boarded a flight for San Francisco."

Swiping left on traditional dating

"As Queen’s students, we live in an area with a ridiculously high concentration of young, attractive and educated singles. There’s a surplus of eligible mates at our disposal, and we’re on Tinder."


In her shoes

"As a man, I’ll never fully comprehend what it’s like to be a woman. But after a night of dressing in full drag, I gained much needed insight on the sexism and sexual harassment that many women face."

Rotten to the core: Donald Trump

"Your housemate’s rotting groceries are an embodiment of Donald Trump in the Republican Primaries. No one is willing to touch either and we have a problem."

Just two guys pole dancing

"Respect was gained, bodies were sore, and most of all, our outlooks changed."

We tried Tommy's Burger Challenge. It didn't go so well.

"Tuesday night, Nick and I tested our stomachs in “Tommy’s Ultimate Burger Challenge” — a 3lb burger topped with three fried eggs, eight strips of bacon and four slices of Canadian cheddar, nestled between buttered Ciabatta, with a generous serving of poutine and a 20oz milkshake — all to be consumed in one hour."

Katie King

"I was coming back to defend the title. I already had a reputation for eating anything that isn’t kale or nailed down and this was my chance to prove it. But all those late night raids into my kitchen and general garburator-like behaviour couldn’t prepare me for Tuesday night and the mass amount of meat I would be pushing down my throat."

Nick Pearce

A brown face in a white place

"Everywhere I looked during Frosh Week, I saw a sea of white people. For me, this was scary as I was used to the diversity of Toronto. Naïvely, I thought all of Canada was like my hometown. I was experiencing culture shock in my own country, and it was the most bizarre feeling in the world."

The battle against mental illness

"Mental illness isn’t like any other illness because it impairs your desire to want to get better. It’s extremely difficult to be driven to get help when you brain keeps telling you that you don’t deserve it."


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