Opinions: Year in Review 2015-16

A look at the section’s highlights this year

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Assistance Required

Kate Charboneau, ArtSci ’13

“It’s no secret that Queen’s isn’t the most accessible campus, but what they lack in accessibility, they make up for in accommodation.”

“When it comes to needing accommodations, I consider myself fortunate that I have an “obvious” disability. All of my professors were caring, empathetic and more than understanding.”

“In some cases we tried to compromise, offering to fund the installation of a certain number of power-operated doors if the University would match it. None were completed.”

“It’s because of these amazing people and in spite of the school’s campus, that I was able to proudly attend and graduate from Queen’s University — a goal that seemed unachievable to most, including me, way back in 2005 during those painfully lagging minutes trapped in that elevator with the maintenance man.”

Computer Science is here to stay

Max Garcia, CompSci ’17

“Take 10 seconds to look around you. What do you see? I bet your smartphone, tablet or laptop are within arm’s reach. 

Magical though they may seem, these products are not the result of the supernatural or divine. They’ve mostly originated in the last 20 years thanks to the hard work of people with a passion for innovation and programming.”

“1995 was also the last time the School of Computing was allowed to hire a new group of professors using university funds. One more position was opened in 2006 and the School won half of a position through a Queen’s National Scholar competition in 2015; the professor is shared with the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences.”

“Above everything, Queen’s has the highest percentage of women enrolled in a computer science program in the nation, with more than 33 per cent, while the average in other computer science programs is 20 per cent.”

“Computer Science is here to stay and now is the time to support its development and the School of Computing.”

Probation does more harm than good

Roy Farrer, Comm ’14

“I believe an institutional bias towards the Arts and Science Frosh Week is building in the AMS and on SOARB. This bias is causing decision makers to craft policy that erodes the uniqueness that makes the week special and different from faculty to faculty. I experienced this planning Frosh Week and saw it escalate as I assumed more responsibility.”

Bell, Let's Talk

Elisha Corbett, ArtSci ’16

“Last Jan. 27, I was running on the treadmill in the ARC, desperately trying to burn off the few calories I’d consumed that day. As I was running, I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed to see many of friends and family posting about Bell Let’s Talk. 

I felt an overwhelming sense of anger. Many of these friends and family members who were posting to support the campaign, were both unsupportive and unresponsive to me during my worst battles with anorexia. Many of these people posting to help end the stigma surrounding mental health actually contributed to the stigma that I suffer daily.”

Student self-government at risk

“Non-academic discipline is of fundamental importance to the entire Queen’s community. All legal opinions concerning non-academic discipline should be publicly disclosed. For honest and collegial discussion to occur, all stakeholders should know what advice decision-makers have received.”

“Principal Woolf, we call on you specifically. Alumni are watching this process unfold. Countless alumni remember our Queen’s experience because of opportunities for leadership. We take our stewardship of our alma mater seriously.  The values we shared at Queen’s inform our lives. Our experiences at Queen’s have enabled and inspired our roles in our communities beyond Queen’s. We expect the same respect for current students as for 30 generations of their predecessors.”

Talking heads: How 'bout them Blue Jays?

“It was poetic justice."

Josh Bond, ArtSci ’18

Talking Heads: How many coffees do you drink per day?

“This is my fifth."

Matt Chomyn, Law '17

Talking Heads: Discussing our Indigeneity

“One of my favourite memories while at Queen’s was being taken to a Vietnamese restaurant while on a date, and then being asked for Vietnamese food recommendations. It took me awhile to convince him I wasn’t actually Vietnamese, but rather ‘First Nations’, then ‘Native’, then ‘Indian with a Feather’ since the first two didn’t work out. That was the last time I saw him.”

Darian Doblej, ArtSci '18

Talking Heads: How do you think Leo celebrated his Oscar win?

“Finally threw out the one he made of aluminium foil.”

Monica Canario, ArtSci '15

Talking Heads: How are you coping with finals?


Jesse Cirella, ArtSci ’17 and Lucas Sterzos, ArtSci ’17

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