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As a student on the fly, chances are you rarely get the chance to get your hands on a newspaper or catch the morning news. Staying on top of your textbook readings is a daunting task, let alone staying on top of current events. Enter The Journal’s list of daily subscriptions and free access online sources to make sure you’re in the know:

1. The Globe and Mail

Your parents’ news source; if you want to stay on top of Canadian news and get international news from a Canadian perspective, The Globe is widely regarded as the go-to national newspaper. You can get updates from The Globe to your inbox every weekday morning.

2. The New York TImes

The Times offers a quick and easy-to-read summary each morning detailing what you need to know in the world, notably in US politics and international news. For those of us who don’t yet have a personal assistant, this briefing gets you ready for an informed day.


Phone calls home and Facebook status updates might often be your best source for news from home, but you can get more frequent updates on news across Canada from CBC. The beauty of CBC is that as the country’s broadcasting company, it covers all of Canada and international news so that you have a lot to choose from. 

4. Marketwatch

If the automatic Stock Market app on your iPhone just isn’t cutting it for you, Marketwatch is one of the biggest online sources for stock market data. Through the app, create your own watchlists, receive updates, or visit online to keep an eye on markets.

5. Der Spiegel International Newsletter

My first-year Philosophy professor once said that the best favour you can do yourself is to get your news from diverse sources. While all of the above offer a variety of formats from a North American perspective, Der Spiegel offers European and International news coverage, opinions, and essays straight to your inbox twice a week

6. BBC and CBC News apps

Instead of checking Instagram at breakfast, pair these easy-to-use apps with your cereal and coffee. With access to new stories, notifications for breaking news, and updates customizable to your news needs, you don’t have to waste money or paper on newspaper subscriptions

7. Google News and Weather app

Receive a personalized view of headlines, local stories and weather updates. Access categories of your choice, browse headlines, as well as check out in-depth articles

8. Al Jazeera English app

Funded by the government of Qatar, Al Jazeera is another media outlet that will keep your sources varied. Although sometimes regarded as controversial due to it’s coverage of dissenting opinions, Al Jazeera provides top stories, live video coverage, and stories both specific to the Middle East and to global interests.

9. Daily VICE app

Often offering a witty and refreshing take on current news, trending topics, and interesting new phenomena, VICE is perfect for “any time you need a roughly six minute long diversion from your ordinary life.”

10. theScore app

This app provides updates, statistics, and breaking sports news notifications to your mobile (iOS, and Android). TheScore also has a recently developed Chatbot on both Facebook Messenger and KIK, to keep users up to date on their teams via your most used messaging apps.

11. The Wall Street Journal app

WSJ is the largest newspaper by circulation in the United States and one of the most respected sources for financial coverage. While neither this app nor its associated print publication are free, you may want to check out their student subscription rates and one month free trial.

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