When Harry met Meghan

How far is too far when it comes to the media?

Prince Harry, whose recently-announced relationship with Meghan Markle has sparked a media frenzy.
Via Wikimedia Commons

Nothing inspires me to hit the gym more than watching Kourtney Kardashian’s daily Snapchat stories of her breaking a sweat. While I’m not even a huge Kardashian fan, their use of social media is unlike any other. 

Originating directly from their hands, it allows me to feel a connection to them that’s authentic. But how far can we blur the line between peeping and privacy? 

I would say we’ve already gone too far. I find connections like Kourtney’s Snap stories positive because they’re forged through the celebrities’ prerogative to share tidbits of their lives with the world. However, when it comes to the tabloids and other media outlets, the celebrities we claim to know and love become victims of extreme scrutiny and invasion into their private lives.  

In light of the news stories discussing the love life of Prince Harry, and his newly confirmed girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, I’m left questioning whether some will do anything to sell a story — no matter the cost. 

The royal family has always had a strong presence in the tabloids over the years, especially with regards to their personal and romantic lives. As soon as rumours were sparked about the Prince and Markle’s new relationship, the news spread like wildfire. Everywhere I looked, I could find someone’s interpretation of what this meant, regardless of the fact that they didn’t have a say in their lives.  

Tabloid headlines got ugly. What’s more, reporters and photographers went as far as to break into Markle’s childhood home or even bribe sources close to the pair for information on their relationship.  

Is there a line to be drawn here? How far can the paparazzi go just to get a story, and when does it become potentially dangerous and even life threatening? 

As an onlooker with an outside perspective on their lives, I sometimes think that personas of such status like Markle and the Prince have tried to become accustomed to these invasions and comments being made on their private lives. However, they are still human — hurtful comments and physical invasions of privacy still take a toll on their mentality and it would take a thick skin to ignore the hurt that may come with those words.  

A statement recently released by Prince Harry through Kensington Palace outlines just that. Moreover, when it comes to the Prince having to ask the press to “pause and reflect” on their actions, it indicates that significant damage has been done. 

I agree with Prince Harry’s statement, but am I partially to blame for reading these outrageous stories? If it’s about making money, readers are just fuelling their fire. 

Nevertheless, everyone deserves the rights of safety and privacy at any level of social status. Life isn’t a game, and while entertaining, it should come at the expense of another person’s well being. 

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