The Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch Based on Your Workload

I’ve scoured Netflix to suit your busy or non-busy schedule

Binge-watching is one of the greatest joys that life has to offer, however, if you feel you’re floundering to fit in some much-needed TV-time on top of all your homework, or if you have more time than you know what to do with, don’t fear. 

For the person with all the time in the world: 

Congratulations! You’re living your best life and are the envy of every student on the planet. The perfect way to spend your endless amounts of free time is to catch up on an all-time TV great you may’ve missed over the years: Rectify. The brooding drama following a man who just got off death row, is one of the most deeply underrated gems of all time. If you want to take the more classic route, Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows ever and your free schedule will afford you the luxury of intense focus throughout all 62 episodes, including the 50 it will take for the plotline to really pick up. A similar show that fit this bill is Hannibal.

For the person with 1-2 hours of work a night: 

Your life is also pretty great and gives you the ability to follow plot, but you still have enough work that you need some relief. If you have yet to watch Freaks and Geeks, also known as the high school show that defined high school shows, get on that. The show doesn’t pack on too much drama, but the characters will feel like your best friends and thus force you to get invested. 

If, for some crazy reason, you have yet to devour Orange is the New Black, now’s the time. The show’s harmonious amount of comedy and drama will keep you happily engrossed throughout your watch. But beware — this show is insanely binge-able, and you’ll likely watch more episodes than planned. Luckily, with your miniscule amount of work, you should be able to afford it. Another show that pulls off this comedy-drama balancing act is Weeds.

For the person with a moderate or fluctuating amount of work:

Friends, let me introduce you to Jane The Virgin. This meta telenovela follows Jane and her journey after being accidentally artificially inseminated. Oh, and she’s engaged and a devout Christian and her baby’s father is kind of sketchy. This show will charm your pants off and blow your mind in equal amounts. The show’s fast pace makes it easy to take a break from and if you need to take time off to work, a fun Spanish-accented narrator will catch you up at each episode’s start. If you are looking for something shorter, go with the fast-paced and ludicrous Arrested Development.

For the person with 1-2 hours of free time a night:

Your life is a little rough. Your workload is fairly heavy, but you can still afford to spend some time relaxing with your good old pal, TV. The Office is an ideal show to watch as a break between study sessions, and its hilarity will distract you from the mountains of work surrounding you. If you prefer to take one long break, watch some Black Mirror — it’s best watched once a night anyways.

For the person with all the work in the world:

My condolences, buddy. With this much work, you need a quick and reliable good time to keep you alive through all those essays — and tears. Though Friends may seem a little dated, it’s a classic and won’t disappoint. Try to squeeze in an episode before you go to bed. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Scrubs should also do the trick.


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