Best iPhone apps for the long commute to your summer job

A guide to save you from boredom on your way to work

Playing iPhone games at a bus stop.

Every day, so much of our time is wasted on mindlessly waiting around – we don’t even realize how much time we’re misusing. Maybe the 12 minutes spent on the bus in the morning doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you multiply those minutes by the 30 days of all four months of summer, it’s an entire 24-hour day spent doing nothing but hanging out on public transit.

For most students, commuting to work in the summer often takes longer than the 10 to 15-minute walk across campus to class during the school year. Whether you’re sitting on the subway or in a car, there are more exciting ways to pass the time than listening to the same old songs on your iPhone that you haven’t updated in months. Scroll down to take a look at five interesting apps that will keep you entertained,  productive even, during your daily summer commute.


For times when you feel like staring out of the bus window instead of at a backlit screen, or getting lost in someone else’s thoughts instead of your own, put in some earbuds and listen to an audiobook. The App Store is the place to download Audible, or really any app that allows you to play an audiobook. If you’re not sure where to start, biographies and memoirs are often good choices because they’re real – listening to a series of life stories often serves as a stimulating source of inspiration. You can also check out Goodreads if you’re looking for specific recommendations. The app offers you countless lists of books in your own favourite categories for when you’re feeling stuck. 


These brilliant puzzles perfectly combine relaxation with logic and problem-solving. Featuring a beautiful paper design and calming background music, KAMI 2 will soon become your new favourite game. Each level involves a sequence of colourful paper patterns. With a swift tap of the finger, the triangular tiles on the screen will fold seamlessly into whichever colour you select. All you have to do is transform the paper page into a single colour within the number of moves that you’re given. If you’re feeling innovative, you can even construct your own puzzles and share it with the rest of the KAMI 2 community.


It’s time to activate your artistic side. Choose from a diverse selection of illustrations to virtually paint, ranging from pretty plants and animals to amazing buildings and architecture. Let the colours reflect your mood and brush your worries away. Feel free to run through a gradient rainbow wheel and experiment with different mediums. It’s up to you as to whether you want to paint inside or outside the lines, as Lake allows you to easily do both. This wonderful app works when you’re offline, and allows you to save your art instantly for sharing in the near future.


If you haven’t heard of Pocket already, you should be glad to hear about it now. This essential tool lets you bookmark anything you find on the Internet, whether it’s your favourite video on YouTube or the latest articles from The Journal. The content can be stored for later viewing on any device. It also comes with a cool feature displaying the top stories and trending topics that people are currently interested in. Without having to use mobile data or Wi-Fi for reading articles online, Pocket is definitely great for anyone who’s always on the go.


This game’s pretty simple. Tap the screen to pile a moving board with blocks and keep on going until one of the blocks falls off the stack. The goal is to stack up the blocks as high as possible. Without involving too much stress or mental ability, Stack tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. In just a few minutes, you can play a round or two and try to beat your previous scores, while simultaneously enjoying the changing colors and satisfying sounds.

Next time you find yourself bored on the subway or the bus, just remember that entertainment is at your fingertips with your iPhone.



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