The official Journal guide to avoid drowning in sweat this summer

Have a perspiring problem? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered

Josh trying to cool down.
Josh trying to cool down.

Summer is a glorious thing. There is no class, no stress and, most importantly, no snow. How on earth did we, as humans, come to deserve such a beautiful time of year with no strings attached? Well, we didn’t. There’s a string and its name is sweat.

Sweating is, of course, a very normal way for our bodies to tell us we are healthily regulating our internal temperatures. While this is usually fine, the summer has a funny way of bringing so much sweat out of some people that it looks downright unnatural. 

If you are like me and find yourself a victim of sweat stains and damp foreheads, you may want to add some of these tricks to your daily routine. 

Try some witch hazel

Like its name may suggest, witch hazel’s sweat-stopping powers may as well be some type of black magic. Applying any toner with witch hazel to your forehead will effectively ward off beads of sweat by drying it out. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner is your best bet, according to some hyper-enthusiastic Amazon reviews.

Stay away from caffeine and spicy foods

Caffeine and spicy foods stimulate your sweat glands in a not-so-friendly way. If you want to stay cool for the summer, you may have to sacrifice a coffee or buffalo wing here and there.

Avoid black clothing in the sun

As you may remember from grade four science class, black absorbs all light. Therefore, black clothing will absorb everything from the sun and may turn a warm, sunny day into an unbearable, sweaty one. Unless your shirt is loose enough to trap any wind, do yourself a favour and...

Wear white undershirts

White clothing will reflect the sun’s light and a light undershirt will help keep you cool. The extra layer can also stop any body sweat before it makes its way to your nicer clothes.

Invest in clinical-strength antiperspirants

If you are sweating more than the average person, your deodorant should be stronger than average as well. Look into getting some of the strong stuff  — there is plenty available on Amazon or at drug stores with no prescription needed.

While all these tips will help control physical sweat production, a sweat-producer we unfortunately can’t control is our emotions. 

Stress, excitement and anger are all known to induce perspiration, so essentially if you feel emotion, there’s a good chance you will sweat. In my experience, it’s much easier to distract people from your sweat than to rid yourself of it. Every time I dance, I sweat. 

But if I whip out my signature move, a hardy step-clap, I assure you that no one will be focused on my forehead. Keep it cool, but if you can’t, just give everyone something else to focus on.


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