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Listening to music at The Journal.
Listening to music at The Journal.

Do you ever see people walking around campus with their headphones in jamming out and wonder what they could be listening to? Since it isn’t really socially acceptable to stop strangers on the street and ask, we’ve compiled a list of The Journal staff’s favorite songs to listen to right now so there are a few less people on campus for you to wonder about.

Whether you want to add these songs to your Spotify playlist or laugh at our choices behind our backs, the decision is up to you.

Live Fast Die Young – Rick Ross and Kanye West

This amazing song is from the best album Rick Ross has ever put out. It’s a fast-paced, Pacman-inspired beat produced by Kanye West – think trappy ‘80s music. Beyond that, it’s just a cool song that makes me happy and I think RR always sounds best when he’s trying to keep up with a quick beat.

—Clayton Tomlinson, Assistant Arts Editor

Roses – Outkast

I don't know how a song with the hook like that of Roses could’ve possibly slipped under my radar for so long, yet it seemed fate would have us find each other eventually. Now, a few days having passed since my discovery, it’s basically all I've listened to and I believe I’m beginning a resurgence of an Outkast phase I first experienced in 2006. I invite you all to join me.

—Josh Granovsky, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Pink + White – Frank Ocean

Besides the fact that Ocean’s an angel, the melody on this track never fails to relax me and get me singing along with the gospel-like verses near the end. I’ve probably listened to this song more times than any other song on my iTunes. It makes me sad to think that Ocean’s probably going to disappear again soon and it’ll be a crappy couple of years without him.

—Jasnit Pabla, Assistant News Editor

Twist and Shout – The Beatles

I've been rewatching Ferris Bueller's Day Off a lot lately and it's been in my head for the past two weeks. It's the only song I've been jamming out to and I'm all about it — it's such a feel good tune and never fails to uplift my mood and put a little bit of pep in my step.

—Sarina Grewal, Assistant News Editor

Talk About It — Erik Hassle

Erik Hassle’s Talk About It is (not shockingly, for me) a breakup song, which should be a genre all on its own. Listening to breakup songs is like scratching at an itch and this one fits every qualification I have: it has an upbeat tempo, the vocals are great and it's more angry than it is sad. You can also exercise to it and it doesn't sound like you're moping if you're caught listening to it.

—Julia Balakrishnan, Photos Editor

Young Folks – Peter Bjorn and John

Honestly, I don't know why I'm listening to this song. I was humming it all week, but I couldn't for the life of me put a name to the tune. I hummed and sang it for my roommate and he laughed, telling me I was thinking of two different songs meshed together but he recognized what I was looking for. So now I'm here, thinking of Young Folks and Peter Bjorn and John.

—Sebastian Bron, Sports Editor

Buy U a Drank — T-Pain

This masterpiece is what I currently have on. Though admittedly ridiculous, I have a huge soft spot for early 2000s rap songs and this one never fails to put me in a good mood. Whether I’m heading to an 8:30am tutorial or begrudgingly cleaning on a weekend, my mood increases at least 30 per cent as I try not to publicly sing (or rap) along.

—Meredith Wilson-Smith, Copy Editor

Mamma Mia Soundtrack – ABBA

My housemate and I have been listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack for almost a year now. It's great to listen to while we do chores because it makes cleaning so much more fun. We just blast it and clean the kitchen. We also pre to it all the time because it's so fun and silly. It kind of started ironically but we’re so genuinely into it now.

—Brigid Goulem, Features Editor

Oh Yeah – Yello

It always manages to get us in that ready-to-focus mood. The song’s instrumental takes on a character of its own as the vocals pull you in deeper and deeper with their mesmerizing and hypnotic repetition. You can’t help but be ready to take on almost anything while listening. “Oh Yeah,” let’s get to class. “Oh Yeah,” I’m ready for this pop-quiz. “Oh Yeah,” I tripped on my way to class but I looked cool doing it. If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration or need a song to play while you stare at yourself in the mirror, look no further.

—Maureen O’Reilly, News Editor and Justice King, Production Manager

Baby I’m-A-Want You – Bread

I've always taken a liking to music from the '70s as my mom would never stop playing music from this decade and I think I've been brainwashed. I just discovered this song (surprisingly) and I can't stop listening to it. I'm also a really sensitive and emotional guy so songs about love always get to me.

—Max Silverberg, Videos Editor

New Rules — Dua Lupa

I’m currently obsessed with girl power songs that have a great beat and this song fits right into that category. My friend showed this one to me as inspiration for dealing with boy troubles and now we’re all hooked and have been blasting it around the Journal house. Inspirational and upbeat, what more could you want?

—Shivani Gonzalez, Lifestyle Editor

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