Bonding with your roommate

A frosh's how-to guide

We all know adjusting to university life can be hard. It’s more than likely this is your first time living away from your parents, going to lectures with hundreds of students, sharing a bathroom with an entire floor and, yes, having a roommate.
But while sharing your space with someone you’ve probably never met before seems daunting, your roommate can be one of the best things about your first year; they can be your built-in study, lunch and even party buddy. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a lasting friend out of your first-year roommate. 
Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you get past that awkward roommate stage and right into being BFFs.

Decorate your dorm room

Make sure you’re not looking at those ugly brick walls all year and head down to Princess St. with your roommate to find things to personalize your shared space. Dollarama and Vandervoort General Store are great places to start. Once you’ve purchased the various decoration materials, head back to your dorm room, play some good music and get to decorating. Not only is this a fun and great stress-reliever, you also may learn a bit about each other’s styles and preferences in the process.

Start a show on Netflix

Nothing gets the conversation flowing quite like two people gushing over their favourite TV show together. New Netflix original shows like Ozark and American Vandal have been stirring up buzz this semester. Start one of these new series or catch up on the older favourites like season one of Stranger Things. No matter what, settle in with your blankets and pillows, because you know you’re not going to watch just one episode.

Go to a Queen’s football game

There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than heading out to support the Golden Gaels at the newly—revitalized Richardson stadium. You and your roommate can check this classic Queen’s experience off of your first year bucket list. Our next home game is October 5 against the Waterloo Warriors, and our Homecoming game is October 14 against the York Lions. With your student card, your ticket and the bus ride out to the stadium are free. Find out why Queen’s has so much school spirit and bond over a shared love for the Gaels at the same time. What’s the sport of Kings? Find out together.

Get brunch at Lenny

Party too hard on a Friday night? Stay up all night studying on Saturday? Never fear — because Leonard Hall cafeteria’s legendary weekend brunch is here. Every Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., grab your roommate and eat as many pancakes, tater tots, sausages and bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as your stomach can handle. All this bonding will certainly work up an appetite. 

Play a Game

For anyone who has played Cards Against Humanity before, you know exactly why this game is a bonding experience. If you don’t own this crowd favourite, grab a deck of cards and play a simple game of Go Fish instead. Any game can bring out your silly side and letting your guard down is bound to lead to hilarious memories and inevitable roommate bonding. Whether you want to play with the Head’s Up app or just a good old card game, it’s a great way to hang out. 

Organize a floor event

Give your Don a break and team up with your roommate to plan a fun event to bond with your whole floor. Make sure you ask your Don’s permission – but they’ll probably be more than happy to let you take the lead. Set up a movie night, bake cookies together, play Frisbee on Tindall or, as the weather gets a bit colder, carve pumpkins or go skating at Springer Market Square. 
Your roommates are the ones who are there when you wake up, there when you fall asleep and everything in between. Whether you like it or not, they’ll most likely soon become the friends that know you the best. Even if you haven’t clicked with them yet, there’s still time to have the greatest possible first year with your roommate.

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