Green tea takes over the world

What is matcha and why is everyone so obsessed?

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Have you noticed lately that all your favourite foods are turning green? First it was your tea, then your smoothies and now your donuts. What is the culprit of this food revolution? The answer is matcha.

Matcha is a fine powder made from ground green tea leaves that is traditionally dissolved into water or milk. Originating in sixth-century China, matcha was popular amongst Zen Buddhists for its calming, meditative properties. 

Now, matcha is commonly beloved for its mild, earthy flavour that can be served hot, cold or as an additive flavour agent to existing beverages. It’s essentially green tea Nesquik. 

Matcha was once used solely by a few people in the know, but in recent years has garnered a mass country-wide obsession. Now, donuts, Kit Kats, ice cream and almost any other food or drink item is available in matcha flavour. 

This attention can largely be attributed to the powers of social media. Matcha’s boundless applications make for a myriad of vibrant green-hued confections that are both tasty and essential for the perfect Instagram picture.

Similarly, matcha aligns with the healthy living trend that’s becoming increasingly important to the average millennial. Fitness and plant-based diets are becoming more popular and progressively more glamorous thanks to influential lifestyle bloggers such as Niomi Smart and Blogilates taking over the internet. 

In addition to its social media popularity and influence, matcha is valued because of its many natural health benefits like increased metabolism, halting of cancer cells and abundance of antioxidants. 

The consumption of the powder is also traditionally associated with meditation due to its abilities to combat inflammation and lower heart rate. Matcha is considered a nutrient-rich super food that can be added to beverages or beauty products — ranging from a vegan smoothie to a detoxifying face mask. Overall, they benefit both your health and well-being. 

Lifestyle blogs make the vibrant green Japanese powder look like a magic beautifying elixir, so it’s no wonder we’re obsessed.

The astronomical hype may deter some people from experiencing the wonder that’s matcha. But with its popularity, matcha has produced a variety of experimental beverages, desserts and beauty products that you won’t want to miss out on. 

With so many different ways to get your matcha fix, what are you waiting for? 

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