The problem with Hillary Clinton’s What Happened

The woman with political power could have used it better

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There’s no doubt that for the majority of the United States, the wounds left by Donald Trump becoming President have been hard to heal.

Since November 8, there have been changes happening everyday that cause worry for the future of the country — if it’s not suggesting athletes should be fired for using their first amendment rights, it’s taking away a seemingly fundamental part of Obamacare or threatening to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Even though controversies surrounding presidents unfold over time, it should be noted that all of these things have happened over just the last week.

While the US is constantly at odds with the decisions being made by their president, there have been helpful moves from various other politicians standing up against policy or attempting to ensure the safety of American constituents.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened does more harm than good.

Clinton’s book highlights her feelings about the entire presidential election of 2016, her loss and her concerns about having someone like Donald Trump as president.

It’s completely understandable that Clinton was devastated after the election. Being so close to becoming the first female president after a highly successful political career just to be beaten out by a man without any political experience must cause a specific type of pain.

That being said, Clinton’s negative perceptions of the current president in What Happened comes a little too soon after a loss that was devastating to many for the book to be productive.

While it makes many love her even more to hear about how she made it through the election with our usual breakup recipe — long walks and Chardonnay — it doesn’t mean it’s what the people of America need right now.

This isn’t to say the book wasn’t good — it was well written and provided some very interesting insight into the entire election cycle in which Clinton, for the most part, stayed seemingly neutral and professional.

Knowing how she felt when Trump followed her around the stage on the second debate or her feelings about his leaked Hollywood Access tape might be beneficial in the future when looking at workplace harassment or gender norms, but at the moment, the release of the book may simply cause distress.

Talking about the seemingly regretful outcome of the presidential election isn’t going to inspire effective change – it’s only reminding us what we have to continue to deal with for the next three years.

While I understand the point of Clinton’s book — and enjoyed the unique insight – it seems as if the release of the book could’ve been put on hold to ensure Clinton focused her energy on some of the more pressing political issues in the United States.

Regardless of her loss, Clinton is a woman in a powerful political position and could've used this time to rally her fellow politicians to make more changes or put up more opposition against Trump’s policies, especially the ones that affect women.

At the end of the day, the release of Clinton’s What Happened isn’t the worst thing we have going against US politics. Even so, having a book released that outlines the problems with Trump’s presidency without providing realistic solutions simply reminds us of the seemingly detrimental state of the US and its controversial president.

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