How to get the ‘summer look’ without the beach

How to look like you’re not working a 9-5 while working a 9-5

Sporting a summer look at work.

According to social media, the arrival of summer means we should all be chilling on a rooftop patio, tanning on a beach, travelling around the world or lounging at a cottage. 

But this isn’t really the reality for most university students. 

In truth, most students are just as busy during the summer as we are during the school year. Whether we’re working or taking classes, it’s hard to find the time to tan. 

The Journal’s compiled some beauty tips to look like you’re out enjoying the summer sun when you’re really inside looking at a computer and trying not to cry every time you check Instagram.

Sun-kissed skin: Tanning tricks

The tan is the most noticeable trait of any summer look, but if you’re stuck inside most of the day, the only sun you’re getting is when you wait for the bus to work. 

Here’s two types of tanners to fake a tan depending on your skin, experience and preference. First, Gradual Tanning Lotion—for inexperienced tanners who want a light to olive skin tone. Second, Express Self Tanner—for experienced tanners who have a darker skin colour. 

The biggest benefit with  the gradual method is you control the depth of your tan. That is, by applying more lotion over time, you have less of a chance of getting an over tanned, Oompa-Loompa look. It’s also less likely for the tan to come out streaky because of its lighter layers.

Express self-tanner usually has a better effect on darker skin—it avoids streaks, uneven coloring and stains on your clothes.  

Trend watch: Summer looks

Vertical stripes, grids and gingham patterns are everywhere right now. The best way to rock these trends are as pants, two-piece sets and jumpsuits—a perfect variety for whether you want to dress them up or rock a casual look. 

Summer also means everyone is stepping up their shoe game. The white sneaker look is as strong as ever, but Stan Smith Adidas and Nike Air Force Ones are pretty overdone. To stand out, look for fabric sneakers or other brands. 

If your summer job isn’t the casual Friday type, mules are your best friend. Neutral colors like black or white are easy to dress up or continue to wear through the fall months, while pinks and blues act as statement pieces while still providing that business look. 

Unfortunately, summer humidity brings tons of frizz. 45 minutes of styling hair with heat tools can be undone by 30 minutes outside. Remember that episode of Friends in Las Vegas where Monica’s hair keeps expanding? That’s my life for the next three months. 

Oil based sprays, defining gels and anti-frizz products are your best friends—boys, you too. 

If you already have a natural texture and just want to combat frizz, I find that mousse is the best option—my favourite is Pantene’s curl defining mousse. If you wear your hair in braids, the trendy thing is to insert thin metallic rings throughout the pieces framing your face.

Natural, beach-ready summer makeup

To start, always prime your skin with an SPF-moisturizer and use an SPF lip balm. 

For summer foundation, I like to use a powder with buildable coverage to reduce shine. If you are dedicated to your liquid foundation or don’t wear makeup, use a translucent powder to absorb oil. 

Next, add depth to your face using a bronzer in your eye crease, hairline, and hallows of cheek bone. Add blush to cheeks and nose to add some color back into your face. You want to add enough pigment so that you don’t look like an extra on The Walking Dead but also not like you’re nursing a bad sunburn. Use a matte for bronzer and blush to balance out the highlighter we will use next.  

Lastly, the most important thing about summer makeup is getting a glow, so break out that highlighter and put it on your cheekbones, brow bones, eyelids, and collarbones. This look can be rocked on its own or added to with eyeshadows, lip colors, and more.

If these tips work for you, that’s great. If not, don’t worry—we’ll all be back inside sunless Stauffer for 24 hours a day in just a few months.

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