Journal staff’s songs of the summer

The music we had on repeat for four months straight

A few of our summer song picks.
A few of our summer song picks.

Every summer, a song emerges to become inseparable from the season. While music charts may have already announced the best-selling song of the summer, staff at The Journal have picked out their own summer anthems.

Here are the songs some of our staff listened to all summer long.

"Magic in the Hamptons (feat. Lil Yachty)" by Social House

“My 2018 summer song of choice, ‘Magic in the Hamptons’ by Social House, had some important boxes to tick. It needed a fun rap feature—provided here by Lil Yachty; a reference to an obscure mixed drink nobody actually drinks—the Ciroc and Kool-Aid mentioned in the first verse; and slight embarrassment if you play it on the AUX because it’s so relentlessly bouncy. With that in mind, please listen to ‘Magic in the Hamptons.’”

—Meredith Wilson Smith, Editorials Editor

"La Cintura" by Alvaro Soler

“When I first got to Italy and heard all the American music, I was dumbfounded that Italians could enjoy American pop music without a clue of what the lyrics actually meant. My opinion changed as soon as I heard ‘La Cintura’ by Alvaro Soler. I have no idea what it means, but it can pump me up like nothing else.”

—Samantha Fink, Features Editor

"Same Ole Love (365 Days a Year)" by Anita Baker

“I have specific criteria for my songs of the summer. I want a song that’s catchy, relaxing but not sleepy, and can soundtrack day or night activities. To satisfy these requirements, I took a journey back to 1987, where I found Anita Baker’s ‘Same Ole Love (365 Days a Year).’ This certified bop transports me back to a simpler time where feel-good R&B songs ruled the world and had a life outside of being sampled by Drake.”

—Josh Granovsky, Lifestyle Editor 

"I Like It" by Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J. Balvin

“This song is a straight banger, with lyrics such as, "I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks," to "fur coat, Ferrari." The whole track will make you, too, feel like a luxurious and confident person.”

—Tegwyn Hughes, Copy Editor

"Feel So Good (feat. Anna of the North)" by HONNE

“‘Feel So Good’ by HONNE came up in my release radar halfway through the summer and I listened to it every day afterwards. It’s perfect for sitting in the sun and hanging out, or driving around at night to get ice cream—just like in an angsty teen movie.”

—Maggie Gowland, Assistant Sports Editor

"Hey Ya!" by Outkast

“‘Hey Ya!’ is not only my song of the summer, but of every summer. Since its release in 2003, it’s stood the test of time and is just as relevant today as it was then. You can dance, party, or workout to it—or you can just casually listen with friends. It brings out the excitement of summer, and, above all, it makes you shake it like a polaroid picture.”

—Hannah Stafl, Features Editor

"I Need My Girl" by The National

“I have a bad habit of listening to one song on repeat for hours and days on end, until I get sick of it and never want to hear it again. This summer, I did that with Drake’s ‘Mob Ties.’ Then, The National’s, ‘I Need My Girl’ and, finally, Travis Scott’s ‘Wake Up.’

I like the laid-back beats of ‘Mob Ties’ and ‘Wake Up’ because they’re soothing, but make me want to dance. ‘I Need My Girl’ is peaceful, somber and, in my mind, The National can do no wrong. It’s ultimately my ideal song for this summer.”

—Brittany Giliforte, Assistant Arts Editor

"Hey Look Ma, I Made It" by Panic! At the Disco

“The newest Panic! At the Disco album is so upbeat, you’ll forget you’re back in your emo phase.

While their lead single ‘High Hopes’ is motivational, I can’t get ‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It’ out of my head—the music shouts fun time at the beach, while the lyrics are perfectly morbid. (Don’t worry, you can still dance to it.)

A tip: listen to the song on its own before you watch the music video. It’s a little distracting.”

—Julia Balakrishnan, Production Manager

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