Packing our 2018 pop culture time capsule

The Journal's Lifestyle editors pick six items to commemorate a wildly entertaining year

Pop culture's biggest moments this year included rap feuds and a Royal Wedding.

As 2018 comes to an end, it can be challenging to remember all that’s happened over the past 12 months of pop culture insanity.

In an effort to preserve and commemorate the best parts of this year, we decided to collect six mementos for our 2018 pop culture time capsule. Hopefully, when we eventually re-open this capsule in a few decades, we can look back on fond memories of our past culture—and lament how there were way too many rap beefs.

Address book with our exes’ phone numbers

Josh: After calling up all of my exes and telling them how grateful I am for our relationships, I’ll be chucking this address book away in the name of 2018’s late-springing motto: “thank u, next.”

Ally: Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener, was barely three months old when she blew us away with her surprise breakup single, “thank u, next.” Since Billboard will be honouring Grande as the 2018 Woman of the Year, it’s hard to deny that, despite personal hardships, the pop princess has managed to come out on top this year.  

Cardi B’s high heel shoe

J: The world—and every tabloid magazine—was transfixed with the rap beef between hip hop’s two hottest female stars, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. The drama reached a new level after Cardi B threw her high heel shoe at Minaj during a party in New York City. 

While the feud produced some entertaining Instagram Live sessions from the two rappers, I’m personally ready to leave this fight in the past and call for the music industry to have as much space for its female rappers to thrive as it does for their male counterparts.

A: Hopefully, as we bury the infamous shoe in our time capsule, Nicki and Cardi will bury their beef. Although their feud spiced up 2018, there’s more than enough room in rap for the two of them. They both deserve recognition and respect for their musical contributions this year, and hopefully they’ll get some drama-free love next year. 

Yodeling kid’s red bowtie

J: Though it’s hard to believe it was earlier this year that Mason Ramsey shot to superstardom, 2018 wouldn’t be the same without his charming yodeling skills that launched him into meme fame as the ‘Yodeling Kid.’

A: From the aisles of Walmart to Ellen and the stages of Coachella, this 12-year-old sensation has lived the dream this year. 

Brushing elbows with stars like Justin Bieber and Post Malone, Ramsey proved all you need to be famous is a red bowtie, a camera, and an insane amount of natural talent.     

Mona Lisa

J: Listen, I love Mona Lisa—she paved the way for people like me who are unable to smile properly in photos. It’s with all due respect I propose we lay her to rest in favour of hanging up a new masterpiece in the Louvre: a picture of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, standing in front of the Mona Lisa, during their summer hit music video, “APES—T.”

A: There’s nothing we needed more this year than Jay-Z and Beyoncé, clad in pastel-coloured suits, outshining the most famous painting in the world. 

Queer Eye avocado toast

J: This year came with a lot of lessons for me—I learned a lot from school, my friends, and the numerous role models in my life. The lesson I learned most frequently, however, was how to make avocado toast. This recipe came courtesy of card-carrying member of the Fab Five and avocado aficionado, Antoni Porowski.

A: Netflix hit a homerun with its uplifting reboot of Queer Eye, introducing viewers to five stylish ambassadors for self-care and, naturally, avocado toast. What's even more insane than the show's totally deserved hype is the all-new Fab Five have only graced our laptop screens for less than a year. 

Box set of Suits DVDs

J: Most of the items selected for this capsule are for the enjoyment and nostalgia of the Queen’s community. This item, though, is for Meghan Markle, and Meghan Markle only. May she always remember her roots playing Rachel on USA Network’s legal drama Suits—her primary claim to fame before beginning a relationship with Prince Harry and joining the British Royal Family.

A: Although there’s nothing quite like a royal fairytale, this year Markle proved she’s more than just a Duchess. Her unconventional Royal Wedding and firm stance as a feminist amid a whirlwind of international attention would surely make her feisty character on Suits proud. 

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