Team SBB aims to improve student supports

Candidates promise greater residence services, inclusivity

Team SBB (from left to right): Bo Chen, Sam Belbin, and Brandon Tyrrell.
Supplied by Sam Belbin

Team SBB is looking to innovate on-campus living in this year’s Residence Society election.

Sam Belbin, Nursing ’19 and ArtSci ’20, Bo Chen, CompSci ’19, and Brandon Tyrrell, ArtSci ’18 and Law ’22, form SBB.

They make up one of two teams campaigning for ResSoc executive—with Belbin running for President, Chen and Tyrrell running for Vice-President of Residence Affairs and Vice-President of Judicial Affairs, respectively. They aim to reach students and staff in and out of residence, with a collective hope of creating an inclusive community.

“We came together because we share a passion for improving students’ experiences in residence,” the team wrote in an email to The Journal. “Continuing this passion, SBB hopes to positively influence students and make changes to residence. These executive roles will allow us to impact students on a larger scale.”

Basing their campaign themes around innovation and support, SBB has built their platform on four points: updating and expanding residence study spaces, increasing and innovating mental health resources, improving student awareness, and advocating for a fair and equal conduct system.

Having each worked in ResSoc, the team said experience will be an asset to their enhancement of residence life.

As a Senior Don in Victoria Hall’s Don Team, Belbin plans to draw from hands-on experience working in residence, believing it “contributes to a well-founded understanding of what students need and how to provide it to them.”

She said her involvement in a management position in ResLife gives her insight into the administration’s relationship with ResSoc. Recognizing the value of the organizations’ collaboration, Belbin and her teammates aim to strengthen their ties in hopes of improving the residence experience.

If elected, Chen, the current ResSoc Events Coordinator, looks to further impact residence students by “facilitating exemplary events and executing a legacy of initiatives.” Citing experience managing staff and large-scale programs, he promised to offer a safe and inclusive community.

Tyrrell also looks forward to continuing work on the ResSoc executive. As the former AMS Chief Prosecutor and current ResSoc Vice-President of Judicial Affairs, he feels he has a thorough understanding of conduct at Queen’s.

“Following my dismissal from the AMS, I saw an opportunity to continue to strive for what I believe in—equality before and under the Queen’s conduct system,” Tyrrell wrote in an email to The Journal. “The Residence Society is unique in the sense that it has an independent judiciary, such that all students can be advocated for and represented by their student government.”

“I hope to continue working alongside ResLife to advocate for fair and equal Residence Community Standards regulations.”

If elected, SBB aspires to realize their vision of an innovative, welcoming residence environment.

“As a team, we hope to bring our diverse experience to reach students and staff within and beyond the residence community,” SBB said. “[O]ur vision is a student government that advocates for and supports all residents in their academic development by fostering inclusive communities through student-led events.”


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