Ariana Grande’s “MONOPOLY” is just plain fun

The singer's newest single and accompanying music video puts friendship first

Grande previously collaborated with Monét on thank u, next.
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Ariana Grande’s penchant for releasing music whenever she feels like it has blessed us with another bop.

The singer took to Twitter last Wednesday and announced the unplanned release of a new single through a series of tweets with Victoria Monét, a singer and songwriter who collaborated with Grande for multiple songs on her latest album, thank u, next.

On Monday afternoon, after the news broke that Grande’s song “7 rings” held the top spot on the American Billboard charts for the eighth week in a row, the singer posted a link to “MONOPOLY” on Twitter.

Grande and Monét feature together on this new track about hustling, confidence, and friendship.

The accompanying video creates a carefree atmosphere, showing Grande and Monét dancing around a rooftop while emojis and words fly across the screen. A large portion of the video is filmed on camcorders, but the lower-quality filming only makes the music video feel more authentic.

Lyrically, the first lines of the chorus cement Grande’s commitment to happiness and luxury. The pair sing, “Bad vibes, get off of me / Outta here with that f—kery.” Grande is continuing the message she started with thank u, next and refusing to get bogged down in negativity.

Instead, the singer is unabashedly celebrating her successes.

The lines, “Treat my goals like property / Collect them like Monopoly / I probably won't come if there's not a fee,” also show up in the chorus, describing how Grande and Monét continuously meet their goals—and won’t stop doing so any time soon.

In a world where women are often expected to be modest about their accomplishments, Grande knows her worth.

In a world where women are often expected to be modest about their accomplishments, Grande knows her worth.

“And if they try come stoppin' me / I show them my discography,” Grande sings. In the video, her album art flies off her fingers as she holds a hand up to the camera.

The song is fun, plain and simple. It isn’t bogged down by deep meanings and unexplained references. It’s the kind of tune you sing along to with your friends or jam to on a good day.

Even more, it’s a song about female friendship, which are few and far between in the pop scene. Grande and Monét truly collaborate on this song, taking turns singing the chorus, exchanging lines back and forth, and adding lyrics about their relationship.

“This been buildin' up, I guess this friendship like Home Depot / I'm so thankful working with my best friend, she the cheat code,” the two sing together towards the end of the song.

“MONOPOLY” shows that Ariana Grande isn’t done being happy. Off the back of her latest album, the singer has been committed to celebrating herself, her friends, and her singleness. Her latest release proves that Grande accomplishes this so, so well.

This new single proves that Grande’s work doesn’t have to be masterfully put together—her music’s quality will stand out from the crowd, whether it takes a week or a year to produce.

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