Journal staff’s favourite spots on campus

From coffee shops to libraries: the places at Queen's where we feel comfortable, energized and happy

With a little digging, these students have found their perfect hideouts.
Queen’s campus is full of nooks and crannies where students can hang out, and everyone seems to have a personal favourite. From coffee shops to campus pubs, here are The Journal staff’s favourite spots to relax, catch up with friends, and work on papers.
My favourite spot on campus is definitely the Queen’s Pub (QP). I can’t remember the first time I went to QP, but it must have made a great impression on me because I go every chance I get. 
QP holds a special place in my heart because it’s been a constant throughout many of my Queen’s milestones. It’s where I went to stress with my best friend after we applied for our jobs at The Journal, and it’s where we went to celebrate getting hired. 
It’s also a great place to go when I have a break between classes, or if I’m having a really 
bad day. No matter my mood, QP holds up as a reliable nook of comfort, good music, good drinks, and great company.
Brittany Giliforte, Arts Editor 
My favourite spot on campus is the microwave room in the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC). Having a place to warm up food honestly adds a level of unexpected comfort to my day. 
This past year, I would always microwave a muffin or cookie on a rainy day before class to warm myself up with a little treat. Especially if you don’t live on campus in your first year, utilizing the microwave room for your lunches can save you some cash and make what you can pack a little more versatile.
If you walk through the Khao restaurant entrance and take the first turn, it’s right there.  
Jodie Grieve, Assistant Photo Editor
I started going to The Brew—a small eatery in the JDUC—frequently in the second half of my third year. I wanted somewhere I could go that wasn’t completely silent like Stauffer Library but also not crazy busy like Stauffer, which made The Brew the perfect spot. 
A mini version of Common Ground café, The Brew has a healthy supply of outlets, calming strings of fairy lights, and soft—albeit sad—music playing often in the background, which contributes to the spot’s peaceful atmosphere.
While the JDUC is pretty cold in the winter, the tables directly across from the café are next to some almost adequate heaters. There are also fun seasonal drinks or soups of the day you can buy from the café itself to stay warm. 
Located on the second floor of the JDUC, The Brew is a great place to do readings and grab coffee with a friend, but it’s also just a nice place to sit, look out the window, and not think about anything for a while.
Raechel Huizinga, News Editor
It might be hard to believe, but West Campus really is best when it comes to finding the peace and quiet that’s essential for long hours of studying. Come midterm season, you can find me in the Education Library in Jean Royce Hall on West Campus. 
Is it far from main? Maybe. Although a 15-minute walk never hurt anyone who needed to shake off some exam stress. 
Am I overly attached to it because I spent my first year living in Jean Royce? Definitely. Although you can’t really blame me for loving being a frosh on West and feeling nostalgic every time I go back. 
Essentially, that’s what makes the Education Library such a special place to me. It’s not really about escaping the hordes of people you’ll find in the crowded halls of Stauffer and Douglas, nor is it about the adorable bright ornaments that line the walls and make that exam you’ve been stressing about feel a little less dire. It’s all about finding a spot to cram the night away in a place that feels like home. That’s what the Education Library means to me.
Andrew Schjerning, Features Editor 
My favourite spot on campus where I can relax or get some work done is Common Ground Café (CoGro), one of the campus coffee shops. The best part about CoGro is that it’s always busy, so you’re almost guaranteed to run into a friend or classmate. Nothing brightens my day more than unexpectedly seeing a pal in line for our lattés.
Plus, nobody can deny that the bagels at CoGro make the ultimate study lunch. I can’t count the number of hummus and veggie bagel sandwiches I’ve scarfed down in front of my laptop at one of the tables.
Tegwyn Hughes, Assistant Lifestyle Editor 

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