Letter to the Editor: January 7th

Dear Editors,

I am from Guangzhou, China. At present, my family and tens of millions of Chinese families are bravely fighting against the spread of the virus. My mother has launched several fundraising operations to buy various medical supplies for doctors. Our Chinese students at Queen's University are also extremely concerned about the safety of their loved ones and actively take action to do their best for their homeland.

It is regrettable that there have been many actions in the international community to exclude Chinese and Asians. On the campus of Queen's University, I have just experienced the event of tearing the Spring Festival couplets and the negative impact of the coronavirus-themed party.

In my opinion, these regrettable, angry events are irrational, foolish and disgusting. This is actually another virus, a social virus that we should be vigilant and strongly condemn. In the event of tearing the Spring Festival couplets, the school provided justice for us, and many Canadian students also extended a caring hand to us. As Chinese students studying abroad, we feel warm.

In the coronavirus party that just happened, the principal issued an open letter as soon as possible, solemnly stressing the attitude and determination to maintain the core values of the school and prevent discrimination. These are positive, correct, and touching actions. We Chinese students are respected and treated fairly at Queen's University.

For Mr. Macintyre, his actions caused widespread criticism and anger. As the leader of an important student organization, he did not realize the particularity of his public figures, and extremely lacked the sensitivity of social and political events, which is deeply regrettable.

However, Mr. Macintyre made a public apology and resigned as soon as possible. I personally appreciate such behavior. This is an action that meets a gentleman's standard. There is an old saying in China: "Knowing shame is almost courageous." It means a person who is aware of his mistakes and has been rehabilitated. He is a brave person. I believe this incident is a valuable life treasure for Mr. Macintyre.

Finding the truth requires not only wisdom but also courage! We should realize that the fight against viruses is not just a matter for the Chinese government and people. It is actually a common task for all mankind! Expressing sympathy and support to the countries and peoples that have suffered from disasters, even simple handshake and light hugs, have tremendous power and emit a great light of humanity!

Queen's University has gone through these twists and turns. As long as we deal with it correctly, not only will we not split our community, but it will make us more perfect and stronger.


Cindy Liang

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