Queen’s secret crush confessions

For those of us who are woefully single but hopeful on Valentine's Day

Admitting you have a crush is the first step to actually making a move.

It’s February, and for us single folks, that can mean wistfully scrolling through our crush’s social media wishing they would be our Valentine. Since nothing beats those lovesick blues quite like commiseration, we asked Queen’s students to admit their feelings anonymously to the entire student population.


“My secret crush doesn’t know I exist. I’ve made awkward eye contact with him over a dozen times in the past year, but we have never talked. I see him everywhere I go and yet I still have no idea what his name is. Secret crush, if you’re reading this, just know that we’re soulmates and that you look hella fine in those khaki pants.”


“I’ve been into this guy since high school. We’re both from the same small town and moved here after high school. I didn’t think he was into me until he started sending me steamy messages a few months ago. He’s wanted me to come over and see him, but I’ve always said no. I always wonder what would have happened if I’d just messaged him when I had the chance or went to his house. I just didn’t want to be another girl to him, because he wasn’t just another guy to me. I have huge satisfaction with the fact that I know he still wants me. I just don’t know if I should ever act on it or if that satisfaction is enough for me. I still think about him all the time.”


“Kinda have a crush on this guy, except we’re both part of the same friend group and he lives on my floor. I’m also too scared to ‘make a move,’ but he’s honestly one of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve ever met. I don’t think I’m good enough for him, but a girl can dream.”


“An ode to all the hot boys in the library:

You know who you are: you walk past with an air of confidence only someone who knows they are attractive can possess. You sit down, full of masculine energy, while every girl at your table takes a sharp intake of breath. iMessages start to fly, as we all try to read the varsity team label written on your backpack. How do you look the way you do? That backwards cap? Your stupid tracksuit tucked into socks—how are you making it so sexy? And yet, outside of Stauffer, you cease to exist, a mere ghost on a Tuesday or Thursday night. Where are you hiding? Certainly not gracing the floors of Stages or Ale. Are you even real? Or are you a figment of our sad, tired, sexless imaginations? Please, Mr. Library Boy, make every girl’s Valentine's dreams come true, and leave the library once in a while.


The Girls of Queen's”


“To my secret valentine: We've been good friends since high school, but to be honest, I've always wondered if we could be more. You're the sweetest, funniest guy I know, and I admire the infectious energy you spread to everyone around you. I also just feel like you get me. Whether you're excitedly telling me about the new anime you just started watching, or we're having deep conversations about our life goals, when I'm talking with you it feels like I could go on forever and forget about my usual shy and awkward self. You study business management, so I know you're a pretty smart guy (I mean, the way you talk about ‘stonks’ is just breathtaking).

I could go on about the ways you make my heart race: how you lay out when you play Ultimate, the wholesome dog videos you send me, even your voice when you say ‘facts bro’ makes me blush. Too bad you go to U of T Scarborough. But maybe, if I was brave enough to ask, you'd be down for something long-distance. Haha, I’m joking—unless?”


“My secret crush is a forbidden love like no other. I feel like I’m betraying my mother by having feelings for them, but a few weeks ago, I saw them in a whole different light than I have the last four years. I had the opportunity to date them four years ago, but I chose someone else instead. They’re breaking up with me at the end of this year though, and I might have a chance for that other crush to take me back into their purple Mustang arms. Oh, the inner conflict.

Wait, was this was supposed to be about a person, not grad school applications? Valentine’s Day, who?”


“I don't really have a secret crush for Valentine's Day, but I just wanted to share that I'm really looking forward to fantasizing about dying alone again.”

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