A mask-wearer’s guide to clean skin

Skincare tips and tricks for pesky mask-related breakouts

Wearing a mask can be hard on your skin.

I’ve always been fortunate enough to have relatively clear skin. Other than the odd pimple, I never really had an issue with acne or dryness.

This year, I’ve had to search for more products to help clear my pores and cleanse my face. Is it a coincidence that I’ve also had to wear a face covering every day for the first time in my life? Masks, while vital for public health, can wreak havoc for your skin.

I’ve assembled some tips and tricks that have seemed to work very well for me—I’ve been quite literally happier in my skin. Everyone’s skin is different and I’m far from an expert, but these are simple things that have worked for me and hopefully work for you.

Keep it clean

Wash those masks as often as you can.

The cleaner the mask, the less dirt you’re going to be putting back onto your face. As simple as it seems, getting a few reusable masks and washing them frequently can make a world of a difference. Cycle through your clean masks and avoid using one for too long.

Wash your hands

Every time you touch your mask to remove it or put it on, you’re touching your face as well. I find myself touching my face far more often than I did before I started wearing face coverings—the first thing I want to do as soon as I get home is wipe the sweat off my upper lip.

But touching your face transfers all the dirt and germs on your hands to your face. To prevent this, I make sure I wash my hands thoroughly before taking off my mask. If there isn’t soap and water available, even hand sanitizer can work wonders to keep bacteria away from the skin on your face. By keeping dirty hands away from your face, you’re protecting your health and your skin.

Expand your skincare routine

I’ve never been one to use special soaps, cleansers, or exfoliants, but recently I find that I’ve had to experiment with a daily routine. Remember, everybody’s skin is unique, so what works for one person may not be suitable for another.  

Personally, I’ve added a basic exfoliant, cleanser, and moisturizer into my hygiene routine and it seems to be doing the trick. Making skincare the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing at night can go a long way for clearing out your pores.

Relax your makeup routine

A silver lining for me during these past few months has been a reduction in the amount of make-up I use. I cut a lot of heavier products out of my daily routine because I don’t feel the need to wear them at home or when I’m covering up half my face. 

This was a personal decision and it ended up helping my skin breathe and produce natural oils that allow it to stay healthy. Many people feel more comfortable using make-up products, so if removing it from your routine isn’t something you’re interested in, don’t worry. My only advice is to make sure you’re removing it all at the end of the day—from your face and your mask.



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