Billie Eilish’s ‘Vogue’ cover is a celebration of individual expression

Eilish embraces her body and femininity in British Vogue cover.

Billie Eilish broke the internet with her 'Vogue' cover

A mere six minutes after Billie Eilish posted her cover of British Vogue to Instagram, the image surpassed one million likes.

The photo, which features Eilish posed in soft hued 1950s pin-up lingerie with platinum hair, broke the internet as it ushered in Eilish’s sophomore album, Happier Than Ever.

Like many women in the public eye, Eilish’s body has been subject to public discussion since she entered the limelight.

Eilish has previously deviated from fashion norms by sporting oversized outfits and lime green hair. Fans related to Eilish on social media when she revealed she wore baggy clothes to avoid public speculation as to what her body looks like underneath.

Eilish’s figure and fashion choices are often analyzed online, whether she is praised for her modest fashion choices or body shamed for wearing shorts and a tank top. Since the release of her Vogue cover, Eilish has been at the forefront of public attention—this time, perhaps, for a better reason.

At a base level, Eilish’s Vogue cover celebrates her coming-of-age and allows her to explore varying forms of self-expression. Her transition to more traditionally feminine ‘Old Hollywood’ curls and lingerie represents a pop star affirming her adulthood and the dawning of a new chapter of her career.

Looking deeper, it’s clear that Eilish is willing to explore new looks in the public eye. While she had taken care to purposefully conceal her figure to spectators, the artist maybe alluding to a newfound perspective towards her body by stepping out and revealing a little bit of skin.   

In an interview with British Vogue, Eilish admitted to feeling apprehensive about the photos, despite the wardrobe for the photoshoot being her idea. Though many women often run the risk of being slut-shamed when they show more skin, Eilish pointed out feminine expression ought to be highlighted.

Rather than appealing to the male gaze, embracing femininity and form-fitting clothing serves as an affirmation that a woman can feel comfortable in her own skin.  

Eilish has presented herself as a relatable celebrity throughout her career. She’s been vulnerable by speaking out on mental health challenges, openly discussing her Tourette syndrome, struggling in the music industry, and dealing with body shamers online.

In her cover photoshoot for Vogue, Eilish demonstrates a level of confidence that ought to be celebrated. She’s inspiring her fans to find empowerment in showing their bodies, too, if that’s something they’d like to do.

In transitioning from a loosely-clothed silhouette to flaunting her body on magazine covers, it’s clear Eilish is becoming more comfortable being in the public eye, more comfortable embracing her femininity, and more comfortable highlighting her body publicly.

Young celebrities shouldn’t be seen as exempt from having varied relationships with their bodies, and Billie Eilish is no exception. Seeing Eilish assert her confidence is a triumph for fans everywhere that bodies should be celebrated, whether that be through exposing more skin or simply trying something new.


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