Let’s appreciate Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship

The celebrities offer a candid and refreshing take on their very public relationship

We finally have a Hollywood couple that is completely and unapologetically themselves.

Megan Fox is no stranger to mainstream media.

The pop culture icon is probably most recognized for her debut role in the 2007 film Transformers, directed by Michael Bay. Fox has been dubbed one of the hottest women in Hollywood and is a household name, both because of her beauty and her acting skills.

In the past couple of months, conversations about the undoubtedly gorgeous actress extend beyond her newest acting roles. Colson Baker, more commonly known as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is the name prominently attached to Fox’s.

The whirlwind romance between Megan Fox and MGK is all over the internet—it has seemingly paralleled another celebrity ‘it’ couple: Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, who just announced their engagement.

The last time I remember people being so invested in a celebrity relationship was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, famously coined ‘Brangelina.’ As a spectator, I can’t help but wonder why the new Hollywood ‘it’ couple is generating so much buzz.

Perhaps it's the fact that tabloids love the cliché trope of a newly turned divorcé running to a younger bad boy, or maybe it’s because of the strange and interesting ways in which they detail and publicize their romance.

For whatever reason, it seems like no one can get enough of the MF and MGK duo. I, for one, feel their romance is nothing short of entertaining, and I’m here for all the notoriety they’re gaining because of it.

In the couple’s viral GQ 'The Couples Quiz' interview, Fox recalls their first encounter. She said she told MGK, “You smell like weed,” to which he replied, “I am weed.” Apparently, he then began to do what she described as “vanish like a ninja in smoke.”

It’s no surprise there’s so much material here unpack—we as observers can’t help but analyze the eccentric and magnetic duo.

Their interviews are addicting, and their red carpet pictures from recent events like the Billboard Music Awards and the Video Music Awards (VMAs)—where Machine Gun Kelly died his tongue black—are also nothing short of iconic. I’m attracted to their looks because they push the envelope and go for things that aren’t necessarily traditional for red carpet events.

In her 2021 VMAs sheer dress and MGK’s red velvet sparkly suit, Megan Fox will remain a memorable moment in popular culture. Not only are their outfits intriguing, but their stories about how the looks came together heighten the fashion experience.

During an interview for ET Canada, Fox mentioned it was MGK who constructed the idea for her sheer dress look, telling her she would be looking “naked tonight,” to which she replied, “Whatever you say, Daddy, whatever Daddy says.”

Again, I can’t help but love their unfiltered openness.

The reason we can’t get enough of their romance is that, for once, we have a Hollywood couple that is completely and unapologetically themselves. MGK and Megan Fox aren’t afraid of rejecting the perfect cookie cutter mold, and it’s a complete breath of fresh air.

They are the polar opposite of the wholesome celebrity couples who wouldn’t dare to talk about sex or anything other than pure, PG love. Boundary-pushing relationships are few and far between for celebrities, especially in the new age of social media when they are so susceptible to mass criticism.

It’s as if all couples in the public eye follow the same boring and tired scripts: “we are so in love,” “he’s really my soulmate,” and “she makes me a better person.”

Megan Fox and MGK, on the other hand, described their first kiss by stating, “We just put out lips right in front of each other and breathed each other’s breath.”

They’re open to honestly sharing everything about their romance, no matter how quirky or awkward it may seem.

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