Left In The Dark: Experiencing A Communication Technology Blackout

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ' 14)
Contributing Writer

What would life be like if the world lost all forms of technological communication? Ask Scott MacKenzie’s third year Technology...Continue...

Review: London Fashion Week

By Veronica Saroli (ArtSci ' 14)
Contributing Writer

What London Fashion Week lacks in time, it makes up in creativity.

London designers produced...Continue...

Down to digits

For the past six years, Ben Goodman has been playing a numbers game.Continue...

QJSex: Going down safely

Oral sex isn’t necessarily safe sex.

This may come as a shock for you if you were taught sex-ed with a pregnancy-prevention focus, or have just always considered oral pleasure to be both...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: Mumbai, India Part Five

By Jonny Klynkmyer (ArtSci ‘ 14)
Contributing Writer

Last week I blogged about some of the lessons I learned from my time in Hampi, India. Here’s a continuation of what I took away...Continue...

Review: New York Fashion Week

By Veronica Saroli
Contributing Writer

Though we’re busy embracing our fall wardrobes here in Kingston, spring fashion is on the minds of those attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW...Continue...

QJBlogs In The Kitchen: DIY Pizza

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

There’s nothing quite like homemade pizza. Pizza Pizza is great after a night out at Ale, but when you’re having pizza for dinner, homemade always wins...Continue...

5 Easy Ways To Change Up Your Look

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Changing seasons call for changing up your look. Try out these tips and tricks for a fresh look this season.

Do a faux bob: ...Continue...

Thanksgiving Leftovers

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Thanksgiving dinner is one of those meals that tastes equally good the next day. Make use of that extra turkey and leftover cranberry sauce — it’s not...Continue...

A gluttony-free Thanksgiving

Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m no Martha Stewart.Continue...

Gluttony is more than a deadly sin

Two men were recently banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet in the U.K. for eating too much.Continue...

QJSex: Buying your first sex toy

Vibrators, dildos, sleeves, bullets, butt plugs, prostate massagers, floggers, branched dildos, strap-ons, nipple clamps, restraints ... these are just some of the many kinds of commercial sex...Continue...

Hidden gems of Kingston: Golden Viet Thai Restaurant

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

QJBlogs brings you our hidden gems of Kingston series where we highlight local restaurants and boutiques.


Turkey dilemma: How to keep your Thanksgiving healthy

By Trilby Goouch and Julia Vriend
Journal Staff

Most Thanksgiving weekends are centered around food; roast turkey, gravy, stuffing and the quintessential pumpkin pie. Though...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: Mumbai, India Part Four

By Jonny Klynkmyer (ArtSci ‘ 14)

After writing the post last week about how stressful living in Mumbai is, I realized that it was imperative that I take a little vacation. So I packed my...Continue...

Get The Look For Less: Pleather

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Leather is one of those pieces that never go out of style. Each season it makes an appearance in various shapes and forms, be it as a classic leather...Continue...

A Kingston Thanksgiving

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Whether you’re an exchange student, live abroad or are choosing to spend your Thanksgiving in Kingston doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the “home sweet...Continue...

It’s a matter of apples to Apple

In 2007, Greg Allan made a wise decision.
The fourth-year student bought his first Macbook and, close to that time, shares of Apple Inc.Continue...

#Firstworldproblems Experiment

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

My housemate and I did an experiment; to document every time we encountered a problem, be it a fleeting thought or outright statement. We documented...Continue...

The Newest Fitness Trend: Barre Classes

By Julia Vriend
Assistant News Editor

Remember those days of tutus and slippers?

Bring back those childhood ballet skills with the newest fitness trend, Barre...Continue...