Lifestyle Archive: 2013

Summer sandal picks

This summer, wear your personality in accessories and put those summer sandals to good use. Nothing defines an outfit more than trending footwear, so investing in a pair of statement sandals this...Continue...

Smoke signals new drinking trend

When drinking alcohol is no longer enough, students might turn to smoking their drink of choice.Continue...

Film review: "No"

In a world where ad men grace our television screens, and dirty politics are a Netflix viewing away, Pablo Larraín’s No offers a fresh, creative look into the world of advertising....Continue...

The power of staying positive

It was a stolen wallet that reminded me of human kindness.Continue...

Book vs. movie: The Great Gatsby

By Jessica Chong
Blogs Editor

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby , and Baz Luhrmann’s movie adaption can hardly be compared -– while entertaining and elaborate,...Continue...

Summer workplace wears

By Jessica Chong
Blogs Editor

Finding the right mix between business casual and office chic can be difficult. Summer is all about dressing up in form-flattering outfits and eye-...Continue...

Healthy office snacks

By Jessica Chong
Blogs Editor

With almost every type of food establishment surrounding my workplace, I’m usually more inclined to eat out. When packing snacks for the office, I’ve...Continue...

A detour through Prince Edward County

By Jessica Chong
Blogs Editor

It’s often you’ll find yourself on Highway 401 hoping for the shortest trip home from Kingston to Toronto. The weekend after I had finished exams...Continue...

Gourmet In The Kitchen: Simple Mediterranean Mackerel

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

There’s nothing quite like successfully mimicking one of your favourite dishes at a restaurant, and I can happily say that this Mediterranean mackerel...Continue...

Best of Kingston 2012-13

Over 150 people responded to the annual Best of Kingston survey, giving you a wide array of Kingston’s finest. Here are the results of our 2012-13 call for the best of the Limestone City.Continue...

Last words

The Journal Editors in Chief sound off on volume 140.Continue...

Make A (Realistic) Study Schedule

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Summer seems just steps away but before you’re able to get to that you still to have to get through a little thing called exams. The exam experience...Continue...

3 Ingredient Rice Crispy Fudge Bars

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Three ingredients and no oven required? Sounds like the ideal exam-season dessert. This dessert takes no time at all and is lactose-free. You can...Continue...

The House That Netflix Built

By Veronica Saroli (ArtSci ’14)
Staff Writer

House of Cards is corrupting in every sense of the word. I will admit to feeling a little mischievous myself after starting and ending...Continue...


By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

Take a road trip, go camping and see live music for a weekend? Bonnaroo , one of the most anticipated music festivals of the summer...Continue...

Apps Worth Mentioning

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

There’s no doubt that Instagram has taken over the social media world; posting albums on Facebook seems like a thing of the past when you can simply ‘...Continue...

Make It A Kingston Summer

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ’14)

It’s that time of year again, and if you’ve yet to decide what you are doing this summer, I have a suggestion for you: stay in...Continue...

A view from the top

From high above, Kingston and surrounding area appear surprisingly quaint and pastoral.Continue...

"Hush Little Baby"

They cling to life, but just barely. Their miniature chests move up and down, a tube rhythmically filling their pre-mature lungs
with oxygen. Wires send
electrical pulses directly to their empty hearts to force the
blood to circulate.Continue...

A Set List for Common Prayer

If you lived in a city indifferent to your existence, failure wasn’t suspect so much as an alternative lifestyle. Every morning, the couriers, clutching newspaper parcels, would pedal across the same neighborhoods and with delicate accuracy leave welcome mats filled with unwelcome news.Continue...