Student dollars for a clock tower

At an AMS Annual General Meeting in March 2005, undergraduate students agreed to contribute $25.5 million dollars to the construction of the new Queen’s Centre.

At the AGM, 545 students voted in favour of contributing to the Queen’s Centre and 212 voted against. The decision to institute the fee drew controversy because it didn’t go to a student-wide referendum.

For the past three years, full-time students have paid a mandatory $71 student fee to go towards the Queen’s Centre.Continue...

Holiday break-in ravages home

The Grinch paid a visit to Kingston over the Christmas holidays.

Catherine Flint and Adar Charlton, both ArtSci ’09, arrived in Kingston to find their belongings had vanished last Sunday night—the house was empty. She said police said the house, located near Princess Street on University Avenue, was one of more than 100 broken into over the break.Continue...

Queen’s slow to act against racism: prof

A group of faculty members is calling on the University to take a stronger stance on racial issues and diversity on campus in response to a racist incident on campus in November.

The Queen’s Coalition of Anti-Racist Faculty submitted a letter in December to Principal Karen Hitchcock asking the administration to create a better response plan in the event of future incidents.Continue...

Plan set for pub’s future

A report on Clark Hall Pub recommends new staffing, accountability and safety policies for the now-closed pub.

The pub closed in June 2007 after the University and the AMS expressed concerns about accountability and accuracy of the pub’s finances, as well as the potential for liquor-licence violations that could jeopardize the University’s licence.
According to the report, written by EngSoc Vice-President (Operations) Rob Macnamara, the pub should be up and running again by September 2008.Continue...