Talking heads: Are you still doing your New Year's Resolution

“Taking my time to paint, and yes, I do it everyday.” Danika Bertrand, Comm ‘20

“No electronics in bed, and I broke it January 1.” Alex Green, ArtSci ’18

“I don’t have one...Continue...

It’s time for a new JDUC. It’s time to vote yes

After years of negotiations and hard work, the AMS has finally secured a historic agreement with the University to redevelop the JDUC.Continue...

Talking Heads: What campus issues do you consider when voting in student elections?

“Plans for where the money will get allocated,” Fredsen Otchere-Jan ArtSci ’17

“Fair hiring practices,” Amanda Di Luch ArtSci ’18

“Their perspective on racial issues,”...Continue...

An apology isn't enough

When someone who once participated in a racist depiction of Mexican people tries to run for government, it’s very unlikely I’ll support their campaign.Continue...

The value of a liberal arts degree

Although there’s increasing skepticism regarding the value of a liberal arts degree, my experience as a political studies major at Queen’s couldn’t be more contrary.


Talking Heads: What are you most excited about for this semester?

"Graduation," Caitlin Lavoie ArtSci'18.

"Reading week," Maddy Hyde ConEd'18.

"Forgetting old acquaintances," Harrison Giovannetti Comm'19.

"Seeing my friends again...Continue...

Introverts living in an extroverted world

I’ve always known there’s something different about the way I socialize.

My relationship with socializing and other people is a key part of my personality,...Continue...