QJ Pop: A Swift ascension

This year Taylor Swift became an icon — and she’s ready for it.

Icons are rarely created accidentally. They’re manufactured through a slow deliberate project of branding, creation...Continue...

Five things Zooey Deschanel taught me

  1. Positive space can start with yourself and your efforts. With the creation of hellogiggles.com , a site that caters to traditionally-female issues,
  2. ...Continue...

QJPop: Why I love Jennifer Lawrence

She’s hilarious, she’s sassy, she’s down-to earth and she speaks her mind. She’s Jennifer Lawrence and I want her to be my BFF.

For the 22-year-old, the odds are definitely in her...Continue...

Trend trial: tuxedo nails

By Katie Heffernan

What better way to celebrate a black tie affair than to arrive with tuxedo nails? It’s a trend seen on celebreties like New Girl star Zooey...Continue...