comfort food

Queen’s best weird food combinations

University is a time for unleashing your creativity, and the kitchen is no exception. When your fridge is empty, but your stomach is grumbling, you may have to resort to unique methods of feeding yourself.Continue...

Have your cookie and eat it too

I’m all for treating yourself, especially when exam season is about to roll around.Continue...

Flavourful fall soup

Nothing is more comforting during the long, barren winter than a homemade soup, especially when dealing with an abundance of essays and exams. This soup will warm you up, keep you full...Continue...

Comfort food: Sweet potato ginger soup

When the temperature drops and the sidewalks disappear beneath inches of ice, there is nothing as nice as a warm bowl of soup.

The thing is, all the additives in canned soup...Continue...

Food Photography: Comfort Food Part 2

By Allan Mai (ArtSci '13)

Some more drool-worthy food photography from our contributor Allan Mai with a focus on comfort food. Enjoy!


Food Photography: Mac & Cheese

By Allan Mai (ArtSci '13)

We've got more food porn on the menu, this time featuring a delicious homemade mac & cheese.

Got your own meal worth...Continue...

Food Photography: Comfort Food

By Allan Mai (ArtSci '13)

Another series of food photography featuring comfort food favourites!

Check out Allan's personal food plog,...Continue...