Street style: Floral and feminine

Instagram fashionista Emily Harris’s handle @springfaerie is an accurate description of her sense of style.
Harris, ArtSci ’16, is inspired by vintage feminine looks, with a...Continue...

QJ Health: The flaw in #fitspo

There’s a fitness phenomenon taking place at the Queen’s ARC.

As a frequent exerciser and avid people watcher, I love the gym — or at least most things about the gym. I dislike...Continue...

Exploring both sides of Instagram fame

At first, Mike Lindle thought Instagram was pointless. Sixteen months, 10,213 followers and 573 posts later, he has Instagram to thank for his newfound interest in amateur photography....Continue...

Apps Worth Mentioning

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

There’s no doubt that Instagram has taken over the social media world; posting albums on Facebook seems like a thing of the past when you can simply ‘...Continue...