New year's resolutions

Point/Counterpoint: Are New Year’s resolutions overrated?

Being fond of beginnings, I understand why the New Year can be hopeful. Resolutions naturally become a part of the feeling, and there’s nothing wrong with embarking on a journey towards self-improvement.Continue...

Talking heads: Are you still doing your New Year's Resolution

“Taking my time to paint, and yes, I do it everyday.” Danika Bertrand, Comm ‘20

“No electronics in bed, and I broke it January 1.” Alex Green, ArtSci ’18

“I don’t have one...Continue...

The psychology of unfulfilled resolutions

It’s Day 20 of the new year… have you kept your resolutions?

Did they work? Did the turning of the calendar year make any change at all? Here’s the scoop.

Fewer than 10 per cent of...Continue...

Talking Heads: What New Year's Resolution are you already failing?

"Being less stressed." Olivia Litt, ConEd '18

"Cooking for myself more." Madison Kent, ConEd '18

"Going to the gym everyday." Sophie Travaglini, ArtSci '20


What makes January first the day to start being a better person?

If I actually practiced New Year’s resolutions as they were originally intended then I’d have to give up half of my wardrobe, and not because I started hitting the gym all the time.Continue...

New year, new you

With 2016 just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking of New Year’s resolutions. But year after year, many of us find ourselves having trouble committing to the promises we set out to accomplish, whether it’s losing 10 pounds, getting better grades or quitting smoking.Continue...

Another year, another resolution

By Rachel Hunter

January was the judgment month as New Year’s resolutions stayed at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s no surprise that many resolutions begin with...Continue...