Pop Culture

QJPolitics: Pop culture over politics

It’s difficult to write an editorial about politics that will be relevant to most of my peers. We live in a time of disparate interests and apathy. In North America, traditional political parties...Continue...

QJPop: Reality TV revolution

I’ve lost count of how many reality talent show competitions TV stations air these days.

Seriously, can anyone keep up?

As I was browsing the blogs and entertainment news for my...Continue...

Take It From The Brits

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

I tend to regard the holidays as a time to catch up on TV seasons, books, movies and magazines. Over the past few weeks I tuned in to some quality...Continue...

Rich girl

Blue Ivy Carter entered the world like most celebrity babies, with a unique name and her own million dollar hospital wing.

The special treatment her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, received at the hospital has stirred up controversy about equal access to health care.Continue...

Ailing ears

I suffer from a recurring earworm infection. It’s not a parasitic insect, but a pop song, stuck deep in my head. The affliction is common in our society where we’re constantly inundated by repetitive music, but I’m so often struck that I can only describe it as torment.Continue...