Believing is seeing

Do you believe in ghosts?

Today is Halloween — the annual peak of everything ghostly and paranormal is in full swing.

I suppose I see myself as someone who wants to...Continue...

Stressed to impress

You’ve probably encountered everyone’s newest, least-favourite mode of communication: the bragplain.

A relative of the humble brag, the bragplain occurs when an individual...Continue...

To tell the truth

Last week, I embarked on an experiment — I’ve been honest. And not just run-of-the-mill, ordinary honest. I’ve been radically honest.

Radical honesty is a technique that was...Continue...

Who's afraid of the big, bad troll?

My first encounter with a troll wasn’t under a bridge or in a forbidden forest. It was online.

In response to an article I wrote about Canada’s reputation abroad, an anonymous person using...Continue...

Working outside the box

Your thankless, irrelevant summer job doesn’t have to be meaningless.

Come May, many of us put down our books and get a job. Some find work that allows them to pursue their...Continue...

Postscript: Kingston Flying Club

Three members of the Queen's Journal visit the Kingston Flying Club to learn about the club and it's ties to Queen's, as well to experience flight first-hand.Continue...

Postscript: Trapeze

Queen's Journal Postscript Editor Janina Enrile tries her hand at trapeze.Continue...

Sushi roll how-to

Journal staff Terra Arnone and Justin Chin show you how to make sushi roll.

Servings: 50 pieces of sushi
Preparation time: 30 minutes

10 sheets of dried...Continue...