St. Patrick's Day

Keg party shut down by Kingston Police prior to St. Patrick's Day

On Thursday March 16, Kingston Police pulled up to a student house on Earl Street around 1:45 p.m. and left with 17 seized beer kegs and taps.

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A St. Paddy's Day treat: Get your Guinness Fix

St Patrick’s Day is nearly here, which means many of us will be heading out to the LCBO. Though Guinness is an ever-popular choice at this time of year, it can be an acquired taste.

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St. Patrick’s Day weekend wrap-up

St. Patrick’s Day weekend saw six additional police officers on duty and approximately 20 squad cars on patrol, said Constable Steve Koopman.Continue...

Irish Beef Stout Stew

By Carolyn Flanagan
Assistant Blogs Editor

Looking to maximize your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Why not serve some traditional Irish fare—this dish is quick to prepare but slow...Continue...