Make It A Kingston Summer

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ’14)

It’s that time of year again, and if you’ve yet to decide what you are doing this summer, I have a suggestion for you: stay in...Continue...

You Only Live Once - Zoo Diaries


Things to do because you only live once.

Every month Journal Blogs will be bringing you suggestions on what to do with your summer.
This will help you make the most of...Continue...

The Hottest Movies of the Summer

When we think of summer fun in the sun, staying inside is not necessarily what typically comes to mind. But on rainy days or sleepy afternoons, it’s a good idea to curl up on the couch with a bowl...Continue...

Steer Clear of the Summer 15

So you think you survived the Freshman 15? Well, meet its counterpart: the Summer 15. Though cafeteria food may be behind us, summertime has its fair share of indulgences. Be it BBQs,...Continue...

Students face ban

Provost Bob Silverman banned six students from campus for the summer, after they were recently caught on a campus building rooftop.Continue...