Talking Heads

Talking Heads: What are you most looking forward to about the first week back at school?

“Probably Orientation Week." Callum Stephenson, Kin '20 “For all of my friends to come back to town." Olivia Doheny, ArtSci '20 “How peaceful Kingston is." Sophia Ku, ArtSci '20Continue...

Talking heads: What's the best thing about summer in Kingston?

“The scenery.” Sarah Fang, ArtSci '20

“Queen's campus.” Ting Ding, M. Eng. '19

“The pier.” Victoria Preston, Kin ’21Continue...

Talking heads: Are you still doing your New Year's Resolution

“Taking my time to paint, and yes, I do it everyday.” Danika Bertrand, Comm ‘20

“No electronics in bed, and I broke it January 1.” Alex Green, ArtSci ’18

“I don’t have one...Continue...

Talking Heads: What campus issues do you consider when voting in student elections?

“Plans for where the money will get allocated,” Fredsen Otchere-Jan ArtSci ’17

“Fair hiring practices,” Amanda Di Luch ArtSci ’18

“Their perspective on racial issues,”...Continue...

Talking Heads: Who are you listening to?

“New Choppa — 21 Savage and Metro Boomin,” Chris Osei-Kusi.Continue...

Talking Heads: How are you dealing with the September heat?

“It’s too hot.” Stuart Lillico, Artsci ‘21 “Iced coffee and water,” Gelareh Hajian, Electrical dept. “Winter is coming,” Farzaneh Sadri, Mining dept.Continue...

Talking Heads: What’s been your favourite thing about the first week at Queen’s?

“Experiencing the amazing Queen’s spirit.”Continue...

Talking heads: What would you tell your first year self?

“Save your flex dollars for exam season” Carson O’Sullivan ArtSci ‘18

“Get involved in extra curricular activities and be patient. Four years will go by fast.” Samuel Fumat ArtSci ‘...Continue...

Talking heads: How do you feel about the Pier being closed?

“It’s closed?” Michael Williams, Msc ‘17.

“I’m neutral” Joobin Sattar, Medicine ‘19.

“It really sucks.” Madeline Legg, ArtSci ‘19.

“Devastated. I don’t know what I...Continue...

Talking Heads: What was the best summer job you've ever had?

"I hated all of my summer jobs." Cameron Pinos, ArtSci '17

"My dad had me be a janitor to buil character." Anthony Valeri, ArtSci '17

"Volunteering with a...Continue...